Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

Here are some random things that have gone on at our house this week. The kids are playing more together, but they ALWAYS make a mess and it is usually pretty loud. They are pretty creative though.
While playing in the pool this week, Aubrey hit Ethan in the back of the head with the end part of the hose. For her punishment she lost her doll house and all her toys for the day. While I was showering her Ethan decided to help with her punishment, because he had all her dolls lying out in the hall. She got her dolls back the next day and I found her playing Hide and Seek with them. It was really cute, as she was talking to them like they were real.
Aubrey "hiding" the dolls. This doll was the "finder"
These were all the dolls that were "hiding" under the pillow.

Ethan and Aubrey dressed up and did a concert for me. Here Ethan is conducting Aubrey in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

It was very cute and then Ethan dismissed her and did his preaching.
One night Ethan did this all on his own! This is his new thing to be the king. The best part is ordering Aubrey to bring him stuff since he is the king, which she willingly does.

These are some of the crazy things that go on behind the doors of our house. I am leaving Monday morning to go to children's camp for the week with the elementary kids at church. Derek is solo this week with the kids. We bought lots of Lunchables and I am sure ice cream will be served for a meal, but they will have lots of fun. My advice was to keep them busy and put them to bed early!

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