Saturday, January 22, 2011

Captured the Basket

It was my mission today at Upward to get Ethan scoring on video and by golly I did! However, I am screaming and you see the man's hair in front of me, but it is on video none the less. These kids go up and down so fast and the ball is turned over so quickly it is surprisingly hard to capture on video.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aubrey's Special Friend

So I mentioned previously that Aubrey has a little boy who she is buddies with at school and how he was going to send her a picture in the mail. Today was a teacher work day, but the pre-k could still come if they chose. As it would happen, Aubrey and Luke were the only two there. I talked to her teacher and she allowed Luke to draw a picture for Aubrey and she snuck it to me later in the day. Ethan then put it in our mailbox. Aubrey checking out the back first...nothing.
Let's check out the front

Happy day! A picture from Luke.

Her teacher took this cute picture of them on the playground today as well. They were looking at the flowers. Aubrey is just cuddling right up to him:) On a side note, she did not have to wear her uniform that day and when we walked into class Luke was already there and his eyes just lit up when he saw Aubrey.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

He Shoots, He Scores

Ethan had another great game today at Upward. We are still trying to get the perfect pictures and is a work in progress. Derek made fun of me last week for not capturing his baskets on video, well he was in charge of videoing today and he did worse than I did! Ethan only plays for a short time and it is too exciting watching him. Maybe next week.

This went in, but I did not capture that part.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Light Brown Mailbox

Aubrey has done great transitioning over to her new preschool. She entered as all girl. She was in the mindset that boys were basically yucky and she wanted to play with girls. That quickly changed as Luke needed a friend to play with one day and Aubrey quickly became his friend of choice. Her teachers say that they are now inseparable. Last week Aubrey was quick to offer to get the mail each day when we came home from school. She finally told us that Luke was going to send her a picture. I asked her how he knew where to send it. Her reply was, "I told him to look for the light brown mailbox." It was just precious. Ethan and I are going to try to get a picture from Luke and secretly put it in the mailbox for her. Luke has been absent for a few days, so we have not been able to instate our plan yet....more to come!

Last night I was taking Ethan and the Butler girls to church and their conversation was about a contest at school where the winning class would get a choice of a cookie, brownie or pizza party. Ethan said, "I definitely would pick the pizza party because my mom makes the best cookies and brownies and I am sure they would be store bought and not really that good." I was faltered by this compliment, but afraid I might be raising a baked goods snob!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boxes and Basketball

I have a very wonderful husband because if I mention that I would like something, he usually gets it for me. After Christmas, as I was putting away some of my new necklaces, I casually mentioned that I might like a jewelry armourer for my birthday in March. I have quite the collection of necklaces, and they get tangled very easily, which leads to a frustrated momma. A few days later he went to Target and came home and rang the doorbell and there was a big box at our door. He found this on clearance, so he surprised me with an early birthday present.

That lead to two really big boxes, which lead to the kids wanting to sleep in them. Ethan asked every night if he could sleep in the box. We told them it had to be on the weekend, so last night they were able to sleep in their boxes. We actually put them on the couch before we went to bed, because they were a little cramped in them.

Ethan had his first Upward game of the season today. His best friend Jordan is on his team this year. We were praying for a good year, because Ethan just loves basketball, but last season he did not score even one basket.
Well, he made up for it all in the first game. This kid was on fire today! I think he finally gets the aggressive part of the game. He scored 4 of the 6 baskets that his team got today.

This was the best I could capture today of one of his baskets. He is right behind the refs hand and that was the first one that he scored. I videoed a lot of the game because Derek was at a funeral and could not be there. Sadly, I was too excited about his playing and never actually got one of baskets on video.

Aubrey has found a friend at basketball. Friday night at practice they played the whole time together and today they played on their ds games while their brothers were playing basketball.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve

We spent a quiet New Year's Eve at Nana and Papa's house. The kids went to sleep, but wanted us to wake them up at midnight.
Aubrey woke up ready to go, Ethan was still on the sleepy side. Aubrey sure did enjoy blowing her horn!

Finally got a smile out of Ethan.
Daddy enjoying the horn

Ethan and Aubrey toasting each other with sparkling grape juice.
Yep, Aubrey spilled hers...big surprise there! We watched Ramona and Beezus the other day and kept commenting on how much Aubrey is like Ramona. Things just happen to her. She must say "it was an accident" at least five times a day.
Ethan did not care for the cider.
Aubrey thought it was yummy
Trying to see fireworks that were being set off. We heard a lot, but could not see very many.