Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ethan and Brandon aka "Mr. Monster"

We also enjoyed some time with the Whedbee Family on Sunday night. Brandon and April were kind enough to have us over to their wonderful new house. Aubrey had a fever that night so we had to leave her at Nana and Papa's, but Ethan sure did have a good time. Ethan would run around and call for "Mr. Monster" (Brandon) to come and find him and tickle him. Ethan took his new electric guitar and amp and had a little jam session with Brandon. Thanks for having us over - we had a great time!


We had a wonderful Christmas and I must warn you that this is a very long post. The slide show is very long from all our excitement. We had a little sickness, but seem to have come through it okay. Ethan thought he had "Stroke Throat" on Christmas Eve as we were heading to church, but all the clinics were closed by then. It ended up just being a cold and he recovered pretty quickly. I ended up with a sinus infection and got some medication and it seems to have cleared up. Aubrey was the last to get a fever on Sunday and she seems to now have just settled into a cold as well. Anyway, we enjoyed Christmas Eve at home with opening presents and then Derek had 3 services at church that evening. We came home to presents from Santa, thanks to our neighbor Linda for playing Santa for us. We headed out to NC around 3:30 am on Christmas Day and enjoyed time with Derek's family. We met up with the Poppens and Lamberts the day after and I can't believe I forgot to take a picture. We still enjoyed our time with them. We did some shopping and took a day trip to see Derek's Aunt and Uncle. We arrived back home yesterday and tomorrow morning we are heading to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate New Year's Eve. We do not lead a dull life that if for sure! Here is the LONG slide show. I was too tired to edit the spelling so I apologize for any mistakes.

This picture needs some explaining. We were at Derek's Aunt's house and Aubrey was sitting on Joy's lap. She jumped up and looked at her and said "Aunt Joy you gassed!" She looked really disgusted. Joy was in shock and told her "I did not!", but Aubrey kept insisting that indeed she did. It took Joy a moment to realize that it was her cell phone that was vibrating in her pocket right under where Aubrey was sitting. That was the "gas" to Aubrey. We laughed until we cried it was so funny. We still could not convince Aubrey that Aunt Joy did not gas. Funny moments!