Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vacation Week

Ethan put together several different Legos he got for Christmas while we were at Nana and Papa's house.
Aunt Joy and I took the kids bowling one afternoon.

We went to Frye's bowling alley and it was like stepping into the 70's. I don't think anything has changed since then. They did not even have automatic scoring. We still had fun though.. and it was cheap.

We went and visited Edie and Grady in Burlington one day.
Ethan wanted to play some with his new football.
Derek had a little helper...she thought she was the coach.

Papa, Derek and I walked them down to the game room across the street from Edie and Grady's. When we were leaving, Aubrey thanked Papa for the tickets and gave him a hug. She knew exactly what to say, "You are the best Papa ever."

I caught the kids watching tv with their hamsters Nana gave them.
We went to the lights at the Speedway after a dinner out to Maggianos. The kids liked the Bojangles tree the best.
Aubrey having a grand time with Swim To Me Puppy!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Build A Bear

Aubrey saw a commercial on tv and wanted to go to Build A Bear Workshop with her Christmas money. She was one excited girl!
Picking out which bear to make.

The stuffing machine was having problems, so the workers had to stuff the bear by hand. While they were doing this, Aubrey and I worked on the computer to name her bear.
Luckily, the machine was fixed just in time for Aubrey to finish stuffing her bear.

Picking out a heart
Putting it on her nose for love
Making a wish
Putting it inside her bear.
Giving her bear a bath
So many choices in the clothing department
Big brother is supportive and poses for a picture by request of Aubrey.
Aubrey with her new bear Mia.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


The kids could not wait to get out and enjoy the snow this morning.
Throwing some snow balls at Derek.
Snow angel

Aubrey throwing snow at Daddy. It was so cute, she would get a tiny little bit of snow in her hand and throw it like she had a huge snowball.

One of the few times Derek has needed to shovel.
He had a little helper.
Ethan measuring the snow. It was about 6 inches.
Nana took lots of pictures.
Ethan wanted to help shovel too.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


On Christmas Eve we opened our family presents. Ethan started out with reading the Christmas story. He did a great job reading this year!
We started the Zhu Zhu pets at our house and I found a bunch of stuff for the kids on sale, so they now have quite the collection.

Aubrey got some princess perfume from Ethan.
She is thanking him for the present.
This is Ethan thanking Aubrey for his Mighty Beans.
The kids decided to wrap up some more gifts in wax paper the night before. Aubrey gave Daddy a cookie monster she no longer wanted.
They also got Daddy a nice candle and holder. We gave Ethan some money and let the kids go shopping for us while Grandma and Grandpa were in town. I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or Grandma and Grandpa!
Ethan picked out a necklace and earring for me. He knew exactly what he wanted, but then he looked at the price and did not have enough money. Of course, as good grandparents would, Grandma and Grandpa came to the rescue and gave him the extra money he needed.
Aubrey got me a Wonderfile to help me stay organized. She really wanted the Kangaroo Keeper that she had seen on a commercial, but could not find is, so the Wonderfile was the present of choice. I think I will actually use this to stay organized now that I am back to working full time.
Silly Ethan wrapped up the remote to the tv in our bedroom for me. It was funny because the night before I was asking where it was because it was not in the usual place.
Aubrey with a new Bible cover.

Aubrey very excited over the "girl" legos.
Ethan equally excited about his set of "boy" legos. Legos were a big theme for Ethan this year.
Aubrey with DS she really wanted.

Derek surprised me with a mini computer! Derek is holding out for the iPhone when it comes to Verizon, which is supposed to be in January for his big gift.
Trying to sort through all the mess we made.
Aubrey got right to playing her DS.
Anther little bonus for the day...the Christmas Cactus bloomed right on time!
After making a big breakfast, I spent a couple of hours putting together the Zhu Zhu pet city for the kids. It was more complicated than one would think.

Derek had to go over to the church early since we had four Christmas Eve services. The kids and I joined him for the last two.
Santa came while we were at church (since we were leaving for NC at 4am).
Yeah! Swim to Me Puppy...just what she asked for!
Might Bean race track for Ethan.
Derek got a tissue box that looks like a slice of Red Velvet cake.
Christmas Day we arrived at Nana and Papa's house.
More presents to open
Derek got a really funny candle that appeared in his stocking.
Ethan loves him a sweatband!Aubrey had a mountain of presents!
The kids gave Aunt Joy a turkey dinner for her dogs.
The football Ethan really wanted from Aunt Joy.
The end to a great Christmas Day was some snow! Concord has not had a white Christmas in like 46 years, so this was a big deal! The kids are helping clean off Aunt Joy's car.