Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There was a small circus in town that was set up on the way to Ethan's school. We had the opportunity to go yesterday after Ethan got out of school. On Monday, I saw it and checked it out and saw that tickets were $12. I have been trying very had this month to stay on a budget and all our "fun" money has been spent. I tried to explain this to Ethan and that was why were were not going to go. Monday night at our small group our leader gave us FREE tickets that had been placed at her job. I was so excited to see how awesome God works in just the smallest of ways. We are trying to honor him with our finances and in turn, we were able to go to the circus. There were only 3 tickets, but Derek had rehearsal anyway, so it worked out great. I did spring for some cotton candy for the kids to share, so we had a great time for only $5! That is my kind of day.
Sharing the cotton candy.
I liked the small circus because you could really see everything. Here are the motorcycles that Ethan really liked.
The tightrope walkers were literally right above us. That was Ethan's favorite.
Who can resist a human cannon? It was right next to us. It was really loud too. I had to cover Aubrey's ears instead of mine! The sacrifices of a mother:)
We had a great time!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day At Epcot

We went to Epcot for the day on Friday to use one of our days at Disney. We saw Daisy right away so Aubrey had to get her picture with her.

They had these Kidcot stations where they could collect things and color them. The kids liked it and it was something fun to do.

Not sure about the expressions on our faces. I was a little nervous about Aubrey coloring with marker, so I was keeping a close watch on her.
Aubrey was so excited to see Snow White. She spent a long time with Aubrey and was talking to her about her butterflies and how much she liked them. Aubrey was thrilled and kept talking about it all day!

We could not pass up the picture in the phone booth.
We had mixed feelings about taking the kids to Epcot and would there be enough for them to do. After researching it some and getting advice from friends, we decided to go for it and had a great day. There was plenty to do, in fact we did not get to do everything that we wanted. We had a great viewing spot for the fireworks show, but it had gotten really cold. We decided that Derek and Ethan would hold our spot with the stroller and Aubrey and I would go out to the car and get he warm clothes....what were we thinking! It ended up being a much longer way back to the car and Aubrey wanted to be carried the whole time. We got to the gate to leave to find out they do not stamp hands anymore, but use your tickets. Of course, my ticket was with Derek. The lady was VERY nice and told me to just come back to her and she would let us back in. We finally made it to the car and Aubrey and I changed into our jeans and sweatshirts. I then realized how difficult it would be to carry the clothes back and Aubrey. I ended up tying Derek's and my sweatshirt around my waist and folding Ethan's jeans over them. Aubrey had Ethan's sweatshirt around her waist. It took me a total of 45 minutes to make the little trip to the car and I was exhausted when I got back. Luckily I found Derek and Ethan who were frozen by the time I got back to them. Ethan was so cold that in order to put his jeans on he just took off is shorts in front of people. Nobody really noticed. Oh yeah, Aubrey rode on my back most of the time because it was easier for me. On the way back from the car she actually fell asleep on my back. I was walked bent over and afraid she was going to fall off because she was no longer holding on. I asked a complete stranger if she would not mind taking her off my back and handing her to me. She did and I could not wait to get back to Derek. I knew my arms would be sore the next day and I am still feeling it today some. After the fireworks show we laid both of the kids in the stroller and Ethan ended up falling asleep too. We could not resist the photo. Those were too tired kids and some equally tired parents.

Meeting Davis

Last Sunday night we took the kids over to meet baby Davis. They could not visit him in the hospital so Pastor Barry invited them over when they came home. They really liked him.
Ethan came in his doctor gear to give Davis a check up.
He was one proud little boy to be able to hold him! Too bad there will not be any more little one in our family:)
Here they are giving him a check up. He was just fine they told us.
Aubrey is a little confused because our pediatrician is Dr. Davis and this is baby Davis. She had to go to Dr. Davis to get a shot this week and she kept talking about Davis being all grown up now. We asked her if the baby in her tummy came out yet since seeing Laura pregnant inspired Aubrey as well. After changing her mind a few times she has decided that she does still indeed have a baby in her tummy. Too cute!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweet Sixteen Cake

One of the girls at church is turning 16 and her mother asked me to make her cake. The invitation was the inspiration.
Here is the final product! I was very pleased with it. It was my first time using ribbon as a border. I was also able to make black icing that did not taste bitter. I started with chocolate icing and then used the Wilton black icing in a tube to color it. It worked wonderful and did not taste bitter at all.
The real test is actually moving the cake and getting it to their house!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aubrey's Dollhouse

I came home from dropping Ethan off at school and found Aubrey playing in her room. (She stayed home with Derek while he was getting ready)
She was playing with her doll house and talking to them. It was so cute. I just stood there for a few minutes watching her. I debated about grabbing the camera because I did not want to disturb her playing. Obviously from the pictures I decided to get the camera.
Sweet moments like these remind me of what a joy she really is and to treasure her. Much unlike the moment yesterday when I picked her up at preschool to find out she had been in time out yet again. Last Tuesday she was as well. Her punishment was no tv yesterday and also she can not wear a skirt to school on Thursday. She was really wanted to do that and I think that will be the worse of the two punishments. Anyway, another day today. Notice her hair, she said Daddy did it, but I am not so sure Aubrey did not do it.
Check out the back of this masterpiece! She got her hair cut on Friday after their pictures were taken. She has been telling random people, like the cashier at the store, that she got her hair cut when she had not. This has been going on for about two weeks so I figured she must really want her hair cut. Derek was getting his cut so I let her get about an inch off as well. Funny thing is now that she has had her hair cut, she is no longer announcing it to people!

First Beach Outing of the Season

Sunday after church our friends called and wanted to know if we wanted to join them at the beach. Aubrey was still sleeping and Derek was not home yet, so I told her I would call her back. Derek came home from the last service and asked if I wanted to go to the beach, having no idea of my conversation with our friends. That seemed to settle it. As soon as Aubrey woke up we headed to the beach for some fun. Ethan digging a hole. He had a little help from Daddy and a big shovel that our friends had brought.
The finished hole. At one point I did not see Aubrey and asked where she was and sure enough she popped her little head out of the hole and said "Here I am!" Of course it turned into a game and we all had to ask multiple times where Aubrey was.
Aubrey playing in the sand.

One of our friends boys was playing in the water so Ethan joined him. I could not believe it! The water was like ice! They played in it for a long time though and would have played longer if it was not time to go home. Crazy kids!

Upward Ends...T-Ball Begins

Saturday Ethan had his last Upward basketball game and then we changed in the car and headed to his first T-Ball game. Never a dull moment for us.

The coach's wife made these cute little basketball goals as a snack. Ethan had his best game making 3 baskets!
For some reason this is the only picture I took of Ethan at T-Ball...more to come.

Aubrey is thrilled because there is another little girl who is three whose brother is on the team as well. They had a blast playing in the dirt.
Drawing with sticks is so much fun.
She looked like a chimney sweeper when we left. She was COVERED in dirt. I had some fun scrubbing her white shirt and Ethan's white pants that afternoon, but both came clean!

Playing Princess Makeover

Nana got this play set at the consignment sale for Aubrey and I took some pictures of the kids playing princess makeover. Ethan washing her hair
Drying it...notice the princess dress
Styling her hair. It was really cute and they had a lot of fun. Ethan started to get frustrated because Aubrey kept wanting to get up and not do what he wanted her to...imagine that!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Annual Pictures

We went for our annual pictures at Portrait Innovations tonight. We do it in March because it is between their birthdays and that works out well for us. The kids were silly, but we got some good ones. I am listing what we have of the pictures for family and friends who want them. Just let me know what you want. The first pose we have the most of. 1 8x10, 4 5x7's, 4 31/2x5's and 32 wallets. It is cropped in the picture and you do not see their legs.

We just had to get this one. As Derek said, "Aubrey looks like she is up to no good!" This one is also cropped right about where Aubrey's shirt ends. It is amazing at all the clothes they have in their closets, but we still had to make a trip out today to get something that coordinated well. As luck would have it I had a bow to match perfectly. I usually give myself more time to plan pictures and today was a last minute decision since we did not have any plans for the day.
1 5x7, 4 31/2x5's, 8 wallets

Our sweet little Aubrey - can you believe she is 3! She so did not want to place her hands correctly, or leave them there is more like it and was having more fun playing than sitting still. It is amazing we got a good one. This one is cropped about at her knee
3 5x7's and 8 wallets
Ethan who was tired and has a tooth coming in, but was a good sport anyway. It is weird writing 6 on the back of the pictures since that is what he will be in one month.
3 5x7's and 8 wallets
This picture is turned so it does not seem like she is leaning. It took a lot to get those hands to stay put and not have her dancing and turning circles on the backdrop.
3 5x7'sand 4 31/2x5's
This one really captured Ethan's personality. It is cropped close to his thumb.
3 5x7's and 4 31/2x5's
This is my favorite fun picture. The photographer suggested trying to have Aubrey on Ethan's back and we were not sure he could do it. By golly he did! He was still smiling even while be choked by Aubrey! Too cute!
1 8x10, 2 5x7's and 8 wallets.

Let me know what you want and I will get them in the mail.

Here are a few of the bloopers and a couple that we liked, but did not get....we could not get all of them!

Yep, she was picking her nose!She loved this rocking chair, but would not stop rocking in it to get a very good picture.
We liked this one, but had the same pose last year.This shows a little bit of the silliness that was going on....lots of laughing and playing.