Thursday, September 24, 2009

Elvis Is In The Building

While I was at Bible study tonight, Derek and the kids had some Elvis fun. Ethan was Elvis (in a karate uniform).
Aubrey giving Ethan a towel.

Aubrey on the drums.
The band!
Poor Ethan did not know that Elvis was dead and Derek had to break the news to him tonight.

Snake Handling

Last Saturday night when Derek was taking Bruster out, they found a snake in our yard. Derek HATES snakes and I do not particularly care for them. He looks small on the shovel, but he was pretty long when he was stretched out. Also, something about the orange color makes you more nervous. We worked together well and conquered the snake!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Responsibility and Pink Hair

Wednesday Ethan's class did the character assembly at school. Each student said how they were responsible. Ethan said he was responsible by taking the dishes out of the dishwasher. He did do this one time for me and is was so cute. He had all these little stacks all over the counter because he could not reach were anything went, except the silverware. I think it took him about 30 minutes, but he did it without complaining. Good choice Ethan. I need to get him to do it more often!

They sang this little chant about being responsible that was really cute. This was the only decent picture I got because every time they did a hand motion the tall girl next to him had her hands right over Ethan's face. Taking a bow at the end.

Derek brought home some pink hair gel for Aubrey from the Halloween section at the store. She was terrified of it and did not want to put it in. Yesterday morning while I was taking Ethan to school, Derek finally convinced her it would be okay. She looked cute with her little pink highlight!

The other night I was trimming up Ethan's hair around his ears for picture day the following day. I decided to try to give Aubrey a little trim too, how hard could it be right? She hated it and would not sit still and started screaming after about two snips. I was only taking off about an inch, but now we were committed. I finally got her to settle down and she said, "I don't want to have boy hair!" The poor little thing thought I was going to cut it all off. This summer we were watching old videos from when I was a kid and I had short hair and Aubrey asked me why I had boy hair. I guess that is what she thought I was going to do to her!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ethan started his soccer clinic today after school. For the next month on Tuesdays and Thursdays he will stay after school and learn all about soccer. His PE teacher is doing it and Ethan really likes him so he was super excited. He had lots of fun and even wanted to play more when he came home. His favorite part was learning how to stop the ball correctly.
Aubrey made this star about her favorite things at school today and I thought is was really cute.
I thought it was really sweet that she said her friend was Ethan, but I did not know her favorite color was red. I think she just picked a color. Her favorite toy says dragon and this was new, so I asked her what dragon. She told me she did not know. So, I asked her what her favorite toy is and she said dolls. That is more like it. Still puzzled about where the dragon came from.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Aubrey's dance studio was selling last years costumes and we bought her a really cute Minnie Mouse to wear for Halloween. Ethan has mentioned that he wants to be an astronaut this year ever since we saw a suit in the Orlando airport this summer. I told him it would be really cute if he was Mickey, since Aubrey will be Minnie. After a couple of days of thinking about it he said he would be Mickey and he could be an astronaut next year. So, I went in search of a Mickey costume. It would seem that they do not really make them for older boys, only toddlers. I found this one that I thought would maybe fit him and Derek took one look at it and said "now way!" I guess there is a reason Mickey costumes are not in boy sizes. Oh well, my dream of matching costumes is over and we found Ethan an astrounaut at TJMaxx yesterday. He is very excited. I am adding the Mickey costume picture for your enjoyment. After looking at it again, I do agree with Derek, it would be too babyish for Ethan. My boy is growing up...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swinging In The Rain

Sweet Aubrey has learned how to pump and swing all by herself. She just LOVES it. Yesterday she was outside just swinging away and singing for 40 minutes. Ethan was outside this afternoon playing with her when it all of a sudden started to rain. It was a light rain, but still raining. Ethan was ready to come in and Aubrey was still just swinging away. Since it did not look like any thunder or lightning were nearby, I told them they could play in the rain. So, Aubrey just kept on swinging. She has been swinging so much that she has a little blister on her hand. She tried to tell me a bug bit her and then it was a snake that bit her, but I told her it was just a blister from all her swinging.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


The two high schools in town were playing each other last night and Derek took Ethan to see the game. Ethan loves to play things that he has just watched, so it was not a surprise to wake up to Ethan playing football with Aubrey. It was so cute!

Aubrey kicking the the bike helmet!
Ethan scoring a touchdown
My very creative child used belts for the goals and Bruster's dog toy as the funny!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Ever since Ethan and I had so much fun on the tandem bike in Hilton Head this summer, I have been interested in getting one. About a month ago, Barry and Laura told me they saw one at Target. Well, there were three of them and they have been on sale for quite some time. I figured they must not be too popular as none of them have sold. So, I kept looking back to see if they will go more than 30% off. Today was my lucky day - it was 75% off so I got it for $30! One of the managers was checking me out so I asked her if it would go down even lower. She told me that only seasonal items go to 90% off, but other items only go down to 75%. So I was happy with my purchase knowing that it was the best deal I would get.
My bike has a flat back tire, so I called the bike shop and they said they could fix it today if I just brought in the wheel. That led to a fun experience of removing the wheel and then the harder part of putting it back on. Derek was thrilled with my little project today.
I did put the tandem part together almost all by myself though and Ethan and I had a great ride.
Of course Aubrey had to go on a ride before I removed her seat.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Simple Fun

Derek had this wig at church for a video that the was going to shoot and then the camera got stolen when the church was broken into - so he let Ethan take it home. Ethan has had so much fun with this wig. Here he is doing a concert in it.
Aubrey wanted me to take a picture of her today. Notice that she is in shorts and not a dress or a skirt. This is very rare for Aubrey and I really had to work with her. We were going to and indoor playground this morning for play group and a dress is just not really the best thing to wear there. She was so excited to go, that she agreed fairly quickly.
Before we went to get Ethan from school Aubrey and I were playing outside some and I was pushing her on the swing. We had to go and I told her she could play more with Ethan. I love that they are at the age now where they can play some by themselves, with me checking on them frequently. I caught them playing really cute on the trampoline, so I grabbed my camera.

This was my favorite and actually how I found them. They were just laying there laughing away. It made my heart happy! No arguing or complaining - just simply enjoying each other.