Saturday, October 31, 2009


The kids had a fun time today. Aubrey was Minnie Mouse and Ethan was an astronaut.

We went to a church that was having Trunk or Treat and they racked up on some candy. I had to go to church tonight in case any kids showed up for the service. The youth band was playing tonight, so at least Derek was able to take the night off. He took the kids over to a family that was hosting a party in their gated community. The kids had a lot of fun. There were 5 kids at church, so I had to stay. After it was over I called Derek and he said it was not worth coming over because they were almost done. I must admit I was sad to miss out on the fun with the kids, but serving the Lord is not always easy, but always worth it.

Here they were at the party. Derek could not get Ethan to take his picture.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight was pumpkin carving night at our house. Much like last year, the kids got tired quickly and Mom ended up doing most of the work. Both kids still do not like the guts of the pumpkin, but Aubrey did not scream this year.
Aubrey attempting to get some of the guts out.
She got about two little strands on her scoop and she was done.
Ethan did a little better.
His face says it it!
Ethan came up with his own design this year. Derek found gummy eyeball, but I made them much harder to put in then they needed to be because I wanted them to glow around them. After toothpicks and a lot of trial and error, we got them to work. The nose is in the shape of a 6 because that is his age. I thought that was pretty creative.

The glowing shots. If you can not tell, which you probably can't, Aubrey's pumpkin is Sleeping Beauty. It was a lot of work and I kept having to make the cuts larger so the light would shine through it. Both kids were happy with the results and that is all that matters. It is fun, but I can't wait until they are a little older to help a little more. Derek did do all the poking on the stencil of Aubrey's and assisted with clean up.

Fruit of the Spirit Festival

Aubrey had a festival at her school today and I was able to take her even though it is not her day to go to school. She was really into putting stamps on her bag.

Putting stickers on a pumpkin
Decorated a pumpkin's face with stickers
She made a cute little shirt earlier in the week at school and we had the perfect hair accessories to go along with it!
Of course you have to eat fruit at any good Fruit of the Spirit party!
Bean bag toss game. Again, Aubrey got right up to it to toss it in and then jumped up and down in glee that she made it.
Photo opportunity
Decorating a cookie
And of course no festival is complete without face painting.

Student Of The Month

Ethan had his Student of the Month ceremony this morning. He took it very seriously and I could not get him to smile.
This is what his teacher wrote about him - "I can think of no student in my class who demonstrates the attribute of respect quite like Ethan Overton. He is constantly demonstrating his respect for himself, his teachers, his classmates, and school property. Every day and in every way, Ethan shows that he cares about himself and others and strives to make all feel included, and he takes pride in taking care of our classroom and materials. Throughout Kindergarten and the first quarter of 1st grade, Ethan had never once had to move his clip down, which shows that he is constantly demonstrating respect for those around him. It is a joy and privilege to have Ethan in my class."
That is more like it- we are so proud of you!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


A local circus came to town on Monday and we had some free tickets for the kids, so I took them to check it out. I got them a circus play set for Christmas so I was excited for the circus to be fresh on their mind. I let them get cotton candy to share and surprisingly Aubrey liked it - she is not too big on sweets.

Ethan really liked the white tiger. Kids all got up and stood along the rail (it was all outside) so I let Ethan do it too.

This guy was really cool!
Ethan got picked by the clown to come out and help him. Needless to say he was so excited!
Ethan was supposed to mimic his ninja moves.

He then got a blow gun and was supposed to try and pop the balloon on the clown's head.

The first time he hit him in the eye and the second time he told Ethan to shoot him in the bottom. Ethan did a really good job and the whole crowd was laughing.
He popped the balloon the last time. Ethan was out there for a long time and was in all his glory. It was so fun to watch and be excited for him. So glad I took my camera!
These little dogs were cute and we left at intermission because Ethan was having his friend Jordan come over for his first sleepover since they were out of school.

Also, Ethan got all A's on his report card. This was after he had hard spelling words last week and I told him we were going to have to work really hard on them to get an A. The little stinker said, "I'll just take a B!" After I got over laughing, we talked about how a B is just fine if you try your best, but we should never to work hard and be okay with a B. We did indeed work hard and he pulled off an A. He is also Student of the Month for October for Respect. So proud of our little guy!