Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ethan's New Hat

Ethan has been wanting one of these hats like Toby Mac has for some time now. He has tried on several and they either did not fit or were more money than I was willing to pay. He found this one the other day at Target and it was a winner. We are starting a new phase with him where he has an opinion of what he wants to wear and what he thinks is cool.
This is the second picture I got of him this morning, after threatening to take the hat back if he would not smile for a picture.

This was the first one that totally describes his attitude- I do not want you to take my picture and I am not going to be happy about it. Oh, the joys! He did get lots of compliments on his hat at church though.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Pictures

While we were in NC this summer visiting Derek's parents we had our pictures taken. We have known Amory since before we were married and she has become quite the talented photographer. Here are some of the great pictures she captured of our famliy.

Hard to believe we will be married for 10 years in September, the time has flown by!

Love, love, love this picture of Ethan!

This one is cute of Aubrey too, but I think the next one of her is my favorite. It really captures her personality. By the way, she was quite the little poser during our photo shoot.


I recently did a few cakes for some friends. One wanted a camera, so she sent me a picture of what her girls' camera looked like. I had to freeze the cake ahead of time, so the fondant bubbled a little, but all in all I was happy with the final product.

This plate was the inspiration for the other cake.

This was the final product. I do enjoy doing them, but when school starts up again I will not be able to do as many. It will be my summer hobby.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day At Home

I promised the kids today that we could stay home all day and not have to run any errands or go anywhere. Here is what they are up to today
They built a fort! There is just something wonderful about being able to do whatever you want to do and not have to rush to get somewhere. They made this fort all by themselves. They are into forts right now. Yesterday they built one in our closet and slept in it last night. Today, they made one out of Ethan's bunk bed.
This is the security is too cute! I walked in with some of Ethan's laundry and they started making alarm noises when I opened the door. I must say that it is nice having them get along so well and they have been playing for hours together.
I believe Ethan used a whole roll of painter's tape to make the fort...oh well, relatively cheap entertainment.
I snuck my camera into the fort, and grabbed a picture of them. They are watching a movie on the portable DVD player. Now, to just get the mess all cleaned up before Daddy gets home!
I saw this Smart Shopper in SkyMall and thought it was really neat. I found it on Amazon for only about $20, compared to the $70 in SkyMall. It is an electronic grocery list. When you need something from the store, you just say it into the device and it stores it for you until you print the list. The best part is that is organizes all the items you need into categories! I think this will say me a lot of time when school starts up again.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Lake Pictures

Ethan loves to play croquet.

Ethan started out his skiing adventure on the ski sled, which we affectionately call the "orange board."

Aubrey on the orange board. She started out just sitting on it to get used to it. When she came by the house I told her to stand up. Well, she did, but did not hold on to the handle so she just fell off. We got a good laugh and I made sure to instruct her to hold on to the handle next time when she stood up.

Finally getting it right and standing up.

Grandpa, Uncle Keith, Ethan and Aubrey went out for an early fishing trip.

I did a little skiing too.

Ethan showed a lot of determination trying to ski. He kept trying and trying.

He had it, but fell pretty quickly. There is video of him at the end of the post.

4th of July, anyone? Could she get any cuter?

Evan made Ethan a milkshake for doing so well skiing. He made Aubrey one too. Ethan says that Ethan makes the best milkshakes.

Buried in the sandbox

Garrett getting into the festive mood with the kids.

Decorating the boat for the boat parade.

Heading out for the boat parade. Sadly, there was a boating accident where someone drowned and they had to search for the body so the boat parade was cancelled. We later found out that the boat hit a wave and tipped over. We are still waiting to hear the whole story of how it happened. There have been very few accidents on the lake.

We had a house full with 21 people! It rained just for a little while, so we did some Wii Dance Party Kids. Aubrey got almost everyone to do it, who can resist her!

Celebrating Aunt Laura's and Pam's birthdays.

Uncle Will took a turn on the hot doggie with Adam, Evan and the kids.

Aubrey swimming with Aunt Laura

Uncle Will's turn. Aubrey is part fish, because she just loved being in the water. She would take turns swimming with whoever was willing.

Throwing the football with Uncle Keith.

Ethan caught a fish and Grandpa cleaned it and Great Grandma cooked it.

Playing Candyland

Daddy joined us!

Family kayak trip

Not the easiest thing to do, having Aubrey with me made it hard to balance.

Derek caught a fish and he was trying to show it to me when it jumped out of his hands. I love his facial expression!

That is better, but not nearly as funny.

Having lots of fun on the white board. It is amazing how much fun can be had on a piece of floating foam.

Ethan taking Aunt Kelly down!

Aubrey got to be a pro at standing on the orange board. There is a video of her at the end of the post.

Evan helping Ethan in the water with his skis. Garrett helped another time and both were so patient with him. Putting the skis on in the middle of the lake is not an easy task. Hearing his foot slide into the boot of the ski is a wonderful sound!

And he is down!

How many people can you get on the white board?

We take the white board very seriously and it is fend for yourself when you are on it.

Adam and Evan are so silly! Can you tell we enjoy the white board?

Now it is a slide!
Aubrey and Aunt Kelly watching Max and Ruby, Aunt Kelly's favorite.

Family hot doggie ride.
Derek and Aubrey on the tube. He said it was more of a pleasure cruise since Aubrey does not like to go too fast.

Ethan and I did not have a pleasure cruise ride!

Aubrey on the orange board. Note: It is not easy to video on a moving boat!

Ethan Skiing