Friday, April 30, 2010

Apple Seeds

Aubrey was eating an apple the other day and got down to the core with the seeds and had all kinds of questions. This led to keeping the seeds and planting them so that they could grow into a tree.

I love this picture of her holding onto Derek's leg. She looks so content and happy.
Aubrey picked the spot. Right by the road. Ethan is worried about the apples all falling into the road. I told him that it will be a very long time if ever before a tree actually grows.
Putting the seeds into the hole. Aubrey was worried that I would mow over her tree when it starts to grow. I promised her I would be very careful.
Watering them so the tree will grow. It was very sweet and fun to watch. Of course Aubrey had to go and check today to see if her tree was growing yet.
Aubrey's idea of eating a cookie. I guess tiny little pieces make it last longer.
Ethan had a present waiting for him when he came home from school from Aunt Laura and Uncle Will. Of course, Aubrey was right there with him!
The Magic jersey he wanted! He was so excited he actually slept in it last night.
I told Derek that I liked this picture and he showed me how to do some cool effects on it. Now I like it even more!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ethan's Birthday Part 3

Saturday Derek and I both took the day off from church and we went to Orlando to celebrate Ethan's birthday. Ethan has enjoyed the Titanic ever since we read a Magic Tree House book about it last year. We gave him the choice of a kid party or choosing a friend to go to the Titanic Experience in Orlando. He chose the Titanic, so we went to Orlando after his soccer game.
Ethan and Aubrey in front of the grand staircase. Aubrey did really well on the tour. We threatened that she would not get ice cream afterward if she did not behave. We only had to remind her once and she listened really well while the guide talked.
Our tour guide got in the picture with the kids.
Ethan and his friend Jordan pretending to steer the wheel. We found out a lot of interesting information and got to see a lot of cool things. All kids said they enjoyed it, so it was a success.
You get a boarding pass at the beginning with a passenger name. We were able to look and see if our person survived or died. Amazingly, all of us had survivors. We were surprised the the survivors were not all first class, but pretty spread out between all three classes of passengers.
An example of the iceberg. The kids liked to touch the pretend ice.
Looking a a model of what the sunken Titanic looks like.
Enjoying a book about the Titanic in the gift shop. We were headed to Cici's pizza after for dinner since they gave out a coupon for it and was just down the road. There was a stand alone building that was selling the pizzas for $3.99. We ended up getting two pizzas and drinks at the souvenir shop next door and all at dinner for $10. You just can't beat that!
We headed to Downtown Disney so that Ethan could use some of his birthday money. We were also able to use some of our Disney credit card points to enjoy ice cream at Ghiradeli's.
Getting the last drop of ice cream. That is my boy!
We went to the Lego store which was by far the most crowded shop and all boys. Ethan and Jordan made 3 lego men.
Ethan also bought this lego house and Derek helped him put it together today. I am amazed at all the details like the mailbox, basketball goal and lawn mover. It even has a water spicket in the back of the house.
Aubrey had to stop and get her picture taken with the Cinderella outside the Disney store.
Derek is a big kid in the Lego store. He wants Falling Water for his office as a Christmas present. I took a picture so that I would remember.
I was impressed with this huge Minnie rice krispy cake. I will have to try this one day!
We had a great day celebrating Ethan and can not believe he is seven years old! How the time has flown. He really is a sweet and thoughtful kid and we are so blessed to be his parents.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Witness Protection Program

Derek told me it looks like I am in the witness protection program. I colored my hair and it is a little darker than usual. I also have to wear glasses now for at least a month due to a reaction my eyes were having with my contacts. My glasses were outdated, so I had to get some new ones. So this is my new look for now. I just laughed when Derek said I was in the Witness Protection Program. Is that a compliment?

Mint Lemonade

Sunday we made some homemade lemonade. Aubrey inspired this. She was inspired by Max and Ruby. Derek took her on a lunch date to Bruster's where they got some lemonade to drink. We know that owner and Aubrey asked her if she had any mint leaves to put in her lemonade. What??? She explained to Derek that is what they did on Max and Ruby. So Derek bought her a mint plant and we made our own mint lemonade.
Aubrey was very excited to put in the mint leaf.
The kids had set up a restaurant for us to enjoy on Sunday after church. They were very excited. We must have looked really classy eating our lunch out in the driveway on a card table!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ethan's 7th Birthday

Yesterday was Ethan's birthday and we started the day out with some homemade waffles for breakfast.
He woke up to balloons all over his bedroom floor. I did this last year and he really liked it so I did it again.
We took cookies into his class at school. Ethan's favorite color is pink right now, so he wanted pink cookies. I asked him if he thought anyone would make fun of him for pink cookies since pink is usually seen more as a girl color. He told me he hoped they did not, but he did not really care because he still likes the color pink. Way to be your own person Ethan!
He opened some presents from the Butler girls (we carpool with them) in the car on the way home.
Of course we had his favorite for dinner- pizza!
Opening presents - He gave Aubrey a hug all on his sweet.
Some Webkinz from Aubrey
A glow in the dark basketball from Nana and Papa

He really likes jokes recently, so I got him a joke book.

A Lego RC car that he really wanted.
Scooby Doo cake
Aubrey singing to him

Playing with one of his toys.
Ethan likes Sea World and I picked this Playmobil toy up after Christmas for just a few dollars. I am really starting to like Playmobil toys.
Trying out his new basketball right before bed. Good thing we went out because we realized that Aubrey left the scooter out.
Today he came home from school to a present from Aunt Joy.

Another Webkinz and Legos. Do you see a theme this year?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bike Riders

We officially now have two bike riders in our family! Aubrey learned how to ride her training wheel bike and Ethan, not to be shown up by his little sister, learned to ride his two wheeler! This is a big accomplishment because for some reason bike riding did not come naturally to either of our children. Aubrey is still working on her speed and endurance and Ethan is still working on his steering. He ran into the neighbors mailbox, but it did not do any damage. We are looking forward to many bike rides in the future!
This was the sweetest thing ever! Today Ethan needed a push to get started and neither Derek or I were available to assist. Sure enough Aubrey was trying to give him a push!