Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sesame Street

This was Aubrey watching Sesame Street this morning. She has to carry these characters around with her and lets you know which one is missing. I arranged them a little for the picture. I thought it was a sweet moment.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fort Building

Today I picked up Mega Fort by Cranium. It is very cool and actually easy to assemble. Everything is magnetic. Here are a few pictures of us having fun with the fort. We always have a hard time getting sheets to stay up and this seemed to solve the problem. I would highly recommend this to any fellow fort builders. Aubrey even helped put it together - it was that easy.

Cowboy Boots

Here is Ethan showing off his new cowboy boots. He requested that we bring some back from Texas. He thought you could see them better if he held them up. Yesterday we were cleaning and the toys in Aubrey's room needed to be picked up. He stated that he was not cleaning up her mess. I forgot about picking up the toys before vacuuming and started on our bathroom. Our time was getting away from us (Bruster had a nail trimming apt) and I was still working on our shower. I called Ethan in and asked him if he wanted to make Mommy happy. Of course he said yes. I asked him if he would be a big helper and pick up Aubrey's room so that I could vacuum it. He did it right away and did not complain at all. I thanked him and told how proud of him I was. I just had to brag about him a little. He really is a good kid. I also have to remember it is all in how I present something to him.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Shoes

i can't believe I forgot to mention what happened to the new shoes as soon as we got home. Ethan let Bruster out and apparently he stepped in poop and got it all over his shoes. There were two washings and cleaning with a toothpick involved. I am happy to report they are back to new again. Never a dull moment around our house!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Back Home

We made it back home on Saturday from Dallas and are getting back into our routine. I learned a lot from the children's conference and am excited about implementing some of the ideas. We got to hear the great Bishop T.D Jakes one night and he was awesome. That man can preach!
While getting Ethan ready for school today we realized that his tennis shoes are indeed to small. This is when I miss living close to Concord Mills Mall. Our shoe choices in our town are limited and I really did not feel like driving 30 miles just for shoes. So we checked out the shoe options this afternoon. The ones that Ethan really wanted were $45 (he moved up to the bigger boy size) and the ones on sale were not in his size. I found another pair in his size on sale for $20, but he was still not interested. I just could not justify spending the $45 and the box of the cheaper shoes rescued me. I noticed that the shoe name was speed racer and that was all that needed to be said. Ethan tried them on and ran up and down the aisle announcing that indeed they did make him run faster. So we left in the $20 shoes. Derek has always told me it is all about how you present something and today that was true.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Family and Friends

I am so excited because my calendar is quickly filling up with visits from friends and family. We are going to be able to meet up with dear friends of ours The Russells who moved to TX over a year ago on Wednesday evening while we are in town. We can not wait to catch up with them. Shortly after getting off the phone with her another dear family to us The Lamberts called. Their two oldest girls are going to come for a visit in March. They are the sweetest girls ever and so easy to please. They love the kids and that will give me a little break too. Then my Aunt and Uncle and cousins are coming our way for their spring break. My cup is overflowing! God is so good to us friends and family to enjoy!

Too Cute

I just had to take a picture of Aubrey this morning. She looked too cute with her little pony tails. She is wearing an outfit that Grandma got her for her birthday in honor of her coming back to visit tonight. Derek and I are going to Dallas, TX tomorrow for a conference and Grandma is graciously coming to watch the kids. Ethan has promised to be her big helper. She was just here for Aubrey's birthday, but is coming back again.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cute Outfit

A big thanks to Aunt Laura and Uncle Bill for the cute outfit that came in the mail last week for Aubrey's birthday. She really does like hats right now, thanks to an Elmo video about hats, so I think that she may even keep it on. Aunt Laura always picks out good accessories! I was just going to email the pictures to Aunt Laura, but decided to post them instead so everyone could enjoy.

She is watching Cinderella on TV - that is the reason for the dazed look.

Room Play

The last few days Aubrey has started playing in her room more for about 15 minutes at a time. This is a big deal because it keeps her from following me around all day. Now, she does trash her room, but life can't be perfect. I will gladly clean up her room a few times a day in exchange for her playing it it. I quickly snapped a few pictures - I was afraid to bother her too much. She actually shut the door on me while I was trying to take her picture. Silly girl!

Gladiators and T-Ball

Ethan and I have been watching American Gladiators and this morning he was playing it with Derek. I was channel surfing one night towards the beginning of the show and got hooked. I am not sure why and Derek thinks it is funny that I watch it. It is something fun that Ethan and I do together.
Here they are playing Joust where they try to knock each other into the water. They are using foam paint brushes as their sticks.
Ethan won!

Ethan had T-Ball practice this morning. Here are some pictures from his practice.

Running laps to warm up.

Playing catch
Practicing catching the ball in his glove.
Hitting off the tee. He also hit one that the coach pitched to him.
Running the bases. It was really cute - I think he was supposed to stop at first after he hit the ball , but he kept on running and made it all the way home. Aubrey was fascinated with the buckle on her stroller for at least half of the game.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Valentine's Day

We had a chilly morning so I thought I would throw in a cute picture of Bruster in his jacket. We went to playgroup at the park and then Ethan went to a special lunch at school. He was able to go today even though it is not his normal day and attend the Sweetheart Lunch. He could bring a guest and he chose Pastor Barry. Barry was a great sport and went and ate lunch with Ethan at school. Ethan loved it. He said he chose Barry because he had not seen his school yet and Mommy and Daddy both had. Aubrey got choked on a conversation heart on the way there and threw up in the car. No more of those for her this year. While Aubrey was napping Ethan and I made a heart person. I did this when I was in school and then with my kids when I taught. It was easy and we had fun doing it.

Aubrey's Valentine Landon. She shared a cookie with him and they were best friends today. Here they are stomping their feet and just laughing.

Checking out the cookie situationEnjoying a lollipop. Much better than the conversation hearts.
Our heart person

Our Love Story

Seven years ago today Derek proposed to me. This morning I was remembering how it all started and I thought I would share it with you. I did my student teaching in Charlotte and went to the church my family had gone to while living there. Derek had joined the church as the worship pastor while I was in college. During my months of student teaching we were able to teach a bible study together for the youth. I was dating someone from college so we were just friends and got to know each other through our singles group. Anyway, I became single and got a job teaching in Concord. I needed a place to live and a member of the church owned the duplexes that Derek was living in and just happened to have an opening. While Derek was away on a mission trip I moved in 4 doors down from him. Derek was a huge help to me on many late nights getting stuff ready for my first classroom. We cut out so many laminated things it was insane. Anyway, he sent me flowers to school my first day teaching and that night we went on our first date. Now, Derek had not dating anyone in the 5 years he was at West Cabarrus. The first time he came and sat next to me in church (he usually sat on the first row) is still priceless in my mind. I think every head in the church turned and looked at us, followed by little whispers. That was the beginning. On Valentines day we got engaged. Derek is very creative and did a great job with every detail. He left a note on my car that morning. I tried to scan it, but it would not show up well. It read" Now the day has finally come, and now it's time to have some fun. Instead of going to church for a date, (there was a Valentine's banquet that night) I've made reservations at LaBibleoteque at eight. So wear what you wore the first time we went, you look your best and I'll be a gent'. Be ready at seven for a "night on the town." If you're a good girl, you'll get something round."
We went to that restaurant on our first date. Of course I was thrilled. Then reality sunk in. We went in August and now it was February. The outfit I wore then was a summer one. Derek had obviously overlooked that detail. I called him at work and asked if I could please wear something different. He told me that would be fine. Anyway, we had a nice dinner and then went back to his place where he had a Finacee card for me and a box of truffles. We were so full from dinner I declined the truffles. He insisted and took one and broke it open and inside was my ring. He had put some plastic around it and hollowed out the coconut truffle (neither of us like coconut) and melted chocolate back over it. He did the whole one knee thing and the evening was perfect. Anyway, things have changed in our life since then - mostly adding two children. Of course we have had arguments, but I still love him with all my heart and would do it all over again. Ms. Anne (his secretary) has volunteered to keep the kids tonight so that we can go out to dinner. I may even curl my hair with rollers. Below is a picture of beautiful tropical flowers that were delivered yesterday.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wheel Shoes

Ethan got some wheel shoes this weekend at the Daytona Flea Market for $10 and wanted to show them off. He is being sort of cautious with them right now, but that is fine with me. He thinks he is really cool in them. Now he wants to learn how to tie them.

Hair Dryer

Aubrey got this new hair dryer set for her birthday. She fell in love with it instantly. The dryer uses a battery and actually makes the noise and blows out a little cool air. She has her own basket in our bathroom now to keep her stuff while I am getting ready. It was the cutest set and came with all the modern hair care items - even a straightening iron. She was very cute with it this morning so I thought I would share some pictures.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Aubrey Turns 2!

Aubrey turned 2 today! We celebrated her with an Elmo party. She was decked out in an Elmo shirt and of course the hair bow that I ordered did not come in the mail until today - about half way through the party. Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, Aunt Joy, Ms. Linda (lives behind us) and Ms. Anne (Daddy's secretary) joined in the fun. We had all of Aubrey's favorite things to eat. I have been limiting her Coke, so today it was really a treat for her. Those who have been around Aubrey much know that she loves Coke, so we let her indulge on her birthday. When you ask her how old she is she says "two." Very cute! Ethan enjoyed playing with her presents and in front of witnesses told us that on his birthday he would let Aubrey play with is toys. I believe that everyone had a great time and we are glad that Aubrey is in our lives