Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aubrey's Dance Class

This week at dance parents were allowed to observe. Derek joined me and we watched Aubrey do all sorts of cute things. Here she is getting measured for her costume - they are going to be ducks.
She loves watching herself in the mirror
This was really cute watching her do a somersault.

At the end she stands up and says "Ta Da" really loudly.

Tap time.
Here are a few videos that I took with my camera.

Derek's Birthday

Monday we started out Derek's birthday with surprising him with Dunkin Donuts. The kids and I snuck out of the house bight and early and brought fresh donuts to him. They really wanted to go into the bedroom and yell surprise - so that is what we did. We got Derek a Scooby Doo t-shirt that we gave to him in the morning so he could wear it to work. Derek had seen it and said it would be a good present for his birthday a couple months ago. The day Aubrey and I went to buy it she told him all about it. So much for surprises. The kids both made him cards and Ethan is reading his to him.

We also got him a gas blower that he had been wanting. Derek and I went out to dinner and came back to have cake with Ms. Anne and the kids.

Happy birthday Derek - we love you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Family Project

Ethan had a family project to do for Thanksgiving. He brought home a turkey that he was supposed to disguise so that it would not be eaten for dinner. Ethan wanted to do a basketball player. It ended up being a Mommy and Ethan project. He just wanted to color on it and take it back to school. I told him we could do better than that. I went to the craft store and bought some shiny paper that would look more like a jersey. You can not really tell the shine by the picture, but it looks pretty cool. Last night I cut out patterns for the top and the bottom so that Ethan could cut them out. I also measured and cut out all the little trim pieces. This little project turned into about 2 hours for me, but Ethan and I are both happy with the results. I could not just let him color - my creative brain could not take that!

Sunbathing in November

It is once again hot today so the kids set up their chairs and towels and did some sunbathing. Aubrey had a make up dance class today and she obviously had used the bathroom because her leotard is on inside out. They changed into swim suits and they are not running through the sprinkler. Things you never think you would do in November!
I made this cake last night for a birthday party today. I made a cake for our friend's daughter's birthday and a lady who was there liked it and wanted me to do a cake for her daughter.
We have has some cooler nights, so Bruster is now the proud owner of a Snuggie. He loves it!
Yesterday Aubrey had her friend Ava from school over to play. Ava is the one who's hand Aubrey would not stop holding on their field trip. They played really well and had a good time. They were both very excited about playing together outside of school.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Friday, before Derek went to a men's conference with church, Aubrey helped him plant some flowers.

Saturday morning Ethan was a big helper cleaning. He washed all the cabinets for me.
Today, Pam and I created this wedding cake at church. It is for a drama this weekend where the bride and groom are the cake toppers. It was fun and since I am not musical, I enjoy the things I can do in Derek's ministry. Can't wait to see the drams this weekend!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Ethan modeling an ATV for sale.
Last night we went to the fair. We were planning on going this coming Monday, but Derek called about 4pm and told me he forgot and had booked a meeting and a Christmas practice for Monday night. We decided that last night was our only chance. I quickly got ready (I had just gotten out of the shower from exercising), threw some quick meals together for us, picked up Ethan from basketball and packed the car with the stroller and sweatshirts. I am not really a last minute person, but it worked out fine. It was opening night for the fair, so we waiting in line for an hour just to get into the fair. It was pretty crowded because there was not any admission and it was $1 rides. It was pretty cost effective though, since we were not able to do as much because of the lines. We had a great time though and was worth the effort and the $30 to have a great time as a family. I love family activities like these!

Aubrey sporting her ATV
This was a cute little ride the kids got to do in these little cars.

Waiting in line - it was pretty crowded.

This roller coaster was actually pretty fast and Aubrey's favorite ride.
On the Ferris Wheel- this was Ethan's favorite

We also had a lot of fun on the big slide. We did this twice.

We had one ticket left, so Aubrey rode this truck ride and it seemed to last forever! She was having a great time blowing us kisses and just relaxing on the ride. It was 10:30 and we were tired and ready to go home. We had a great night and enjoyed some weather that was cold enough to warrant sweatshirts.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Giga Ball

A blog that I follow posted about this ball. I saw it and just knew I had to have it for our Children's Ministry at church. I found out she got it at Target and was in luck that our store had one. It took forever to blow up because each compartment is separate, but it was worth it. Our family took it out for a test run today and had a blast. Now, I just have to think of a way to use it at church - the kids are going to love it!
This was her getting out. I think she was a little unsure at first, but then she kept wanting to do it over and over again. I was surprised at the workout I got from pushing it all over the yard.
I even took a turn in it. It can hold up to 150 pounds so Derek and I were both able to participate in the fun. The kids went in together, but Aubrey got a little cut on her head (I think from a fingernail) so we decided it was best to go solo.
He looks pretty comfy in there.
Derek put it on his head as he was climbing out and chased the kids around the yard - they loved this as much as rolling in the ball. Oh the many uses of the Giga Ball!
I think I will have to keep this gem under lock and key and in a secret place so that the youth do not get hold of it - I think they would pop it in no time! Depending on what my budget looks like at the end of the year I might have to get another one so we can do races - how fun will that be!