Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ear Piercing

We have been talking for some time about Aubrey getting her ears pierced, but she always would chicken out. Recently she got her first bee sting and realized that getting her ears pierced might not be so bad. I told her it was like a little sting, but only for a second. I believe a girl in her class recently got her ears pierced, so Aubrey was ready. It was an early Christmas present so that she can get earrings for Christmas and will be able to change them out by then.
It tickled getting her ears cleaned and marked.

Trying to hold still....very hard for Aubrey!

Trying extra hard now, as this is the third attempt on this ear to place the dot correctly.

This was right before the scream. I had to hold her in my lap for the second ear, so no pictures were taken. She did really well and was very excited when it was all over.

Showing them off

It is actually difficult to get a straight on shot of both earrings.

Here is a video of the event, compliments of big brother Ethan.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toe Shoes

Ethan has joined the running club on Mondays at school and was in need of some running shoes. His tennis shoes are for basketball and he has been begging for "toe shoes." His teacher, Mr. Menard, has some and Ethan has been asking for them. I gave him an amount I was willing to pay for shoes and told him if we could find them for that, he could have them.

He was one happy boy tonight when we found some. They do not look comfortable to me, but he swears they are. Of course, he wanted them so badly he would never tell me that they were not comfortable. He also informed me that his cousin Evan has a pair and anything that he has is cool.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


This picture of Derek and Aubrey makes my heart happy. Yesterday, we went with a group from church to see the movie Courageous. When we bought the tickets, we did not realize that the movie was PG-13 due to some violence. However, it was an excellent movie. I was not sure how much Aubrey got out of it, but she understood the dancing part to the movie. The little girl in the movie asked her daddy to dance with her to her favorite song outside of the bank in the parking lot. The dad said no, and lets just say lived to regret it. Today while we were waiting for Derek to get home from the second service, Aubrey wanted to put on a fancy dress. This is not uncommon for her. She however insisted on having her dance shoes on too. I said no several times because I just knew they would not make it back into the dance bag for class on Thursday. She was persistent and I finally gave in, with her promising me to put them back in her bag. This is one of those moments, I am glad I gave in. Derek arrived home and ate lunch and I saw him walking out of Aubrey's room in his tshirt and tie around his neck. I gave him a puzzled look to which he explained his odd appearance. Aubrey had gotten a tie and dress shoes for him and had them in her room and asked him to dance with her. After seeing the movie, there was no way that Derek could ever say no to his little princess. I am pretty sure he would have danced with her in the bank parking lot if she had asked. It was a sweet and wonderful moment and of course I made them recreate it so I could capture it forever on camera.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rock in a Box

Ethan had a diorama science project to do with a rock. He could put the rock in a natural or unnatural environment. He chose to do a living room and have his rock playing the wii. He painted his box with the leftover paint from our living room. He made me laugh when I was taking this picture becuase he said, "Hey blogger." I asked what he meant and he said I know you are taking this picture so you can blog about it. Yep, sure am! He knows me well.

Convinced him to give me a smile.

Completed project. We used magic foam to make the couch and tables and some non-girly items from Aubrey's doll house. Ethan rejected many items because he considered them too girly.

We found the tv sticker at Micheals and printed out a picture of Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games to put on the tv. We even added a little black bar on the top of the tv as the sensor bar.

The clock was deemed worthy to put into the box and I love the rock family portrait.

The portrait of just his rock.

Chandelier that Derek and Ethan made out of pipe cleaners and hot glue.

The star of the box, his rock who is playing the wii. When we took it into school Mr. Menard touched the wii remote and the arm fell off. It was really funny, so know the arm is just resting by the rock.