Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back To School BBQ

Last night we went to the back to school event that Ethan's school was having. The highlight was getting their faces painted.

The pink on Aubrey's face did not wash off too well. It may have something to do with the fact that she REALLY did not want soap on her face. I used her tear free shampoo instead. We tried a baby wipe before church to try to get rid of the pink tint, but that did not work either.
As is typical of our lives, each day holds an adventure. The kids and I were out the door a few minutes before nine so that we could go pick up a friend whose car is being repaired for church. Aubrey starts to complain in the car "when are we going to be there. I just want to get to church." This was odd to me, as this was a first. After picking up my friend, she noticed Aubrey was trying to fall asleep. Pulling into the church parking lot, Aubrey starts to complain her tummy hurts. You can guess where this is going...yep she threw up right before we entered the church in the parking lot. Everyone was so nice and brought us paper towels and helped rinse away her mess. I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up some more and we headed home. We actually stopped at Walmart on the way home. I picked her up some medicine and this cool pack that sticks to her head. After stopping at 5 Redboxes, trying to find Dora's Big Birthday Adventure (we have been looking for it for a few weeks and never have any luck) we finally found it.

Here is my sweet little girl ready for a day of relaxing. Before you feel too sorry for her, she seems to be healed! I totally staged this picture for the blog. I did make the couch up for her, but we found an outfit for her ZuZu pet on clearance at Walmart that I let her get and she is playing with Ethan.

This is what she is really doing. She does seem to be doing much better, I guess the rest of the day will tell if she is really sick or not. I am all ready committed to sub tomorrow and it is a testing day for the kids, so Derek will have to stay home with her if she is not able to go to preschool.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Survived

I survived teaching full time for one week. A teacher was hired, but I am going to overlap with her on Monday and Tuesday to help transition the kids. It was a good test to see if I was ready to go back to work full time and the answer is a very big NO! I did enjoy it, but it was way too much work to be a classroom teacher. Some positives from this week are that I learned that I still do enjoy teaching and it seems it is still where my gifting lies. I was begged all week to stay and take the job permanently. I also learned that it will be pretty easy for me to obtain a Fl teaching license. I had always been thinking that I would have to renew my NC one, which would require taking many online classes. In Fl, it appears that I just have to apply and take a test similar to the Praxis, and I have an active teaching license. I am going to call on Wednesday and confirm all of this. I am going to move in that direction and get my Fl license. I have told the administration at Ethan's school that my dream job would be to work two to three days a week and work with the kids who are below grade level. Hopefully, this could become a reality next year.
Derek did a great job this week helping out while I was working. He was basically in charge of Aubrey. Taking her to school and picking her up each day. When I came home from school he already had lunches ready for the next day. He did laundry, cleaned and even cooked a meal for friends that came over for dinner last night. I really do appreciate him and he really helped me out. Yesterday I came home to some beautiful flowers that he and Aubrey bought for me. They are purple, my favorite color.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

We were up bright and early today for the first day of school. We were taking this picture at 6:45 when it was still a little dark outside. I could not believe that Derek was awake and willing to take our picture so early. I wanted to get to school with plenty of time before kids arrived this morning. I am subbing for a third grade class whose teacher resigned on Saturday for a couple of weeks until a permanent teacher can be hired.

Aubrey is going to a new preschool this year where she wears a uniform as well. How cute is she in her little jumper?
My big Second Grader! He was such a big help to me both before and after school today. He cleaned desks off, swept the floor, stocked my mini fridge with drinks and sharpened many pencils. We did not leave school until about 5:40 and then had to stop by Target for a few things I needed for tomorrow. I love subbing much more than being the classroom teacher, these long days are going to kill me!

Ethan at his desk. He is right next to his best friend Jordan - three years in a row of having him in his class.

Ethan's teacher Mrs. Hilton

Ethan with the Butler girls. They are all in the same class this year.

Aubrey's teacher Mrs. LeDoux. Aubrey says that she broke her knee, but not sure if that is true. She obviously has a knee injury though.
Aubrey at the kitchen in her classroom.
Carrying on our tradition of cookies on the first day of school. I planned ahead in case I was called to sub and saved out some that I made for our trip to TN and put them in the freezer. Sprinkles for Aubrey
Chocolate chip for Ethan

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pigeon Forge Vacation

This is the longest post ever, so don't say I did not warn you.! Last Saturday we drove to Pigeon Forge, TN to spend some time with Derek's parents and his sister and her family from Delaware.
We stopped at the Forbidden Caverns on our way and the kids really liked it

Inside the caverns
Good thing I got our sweatshirts out of the car, because it is always in the 50's in the caverns.

We drove up the mountain about 10 minutes to reach the house we stayed in for the week. Those are some curvy, narrow roads. They do not agree too well with children who are prone to carsickness. We went through a lot of Dramamine on this trip!

Very excited to see their cousins. Not sure why Noah is missing in this picture. We turned down the temperature of the hot tub and it was like a little pool for them.

Aubrey wanted to do whatever Gabriella was doing
Derek and Ethan playing pool. The whole house was wood floors and I can not tell you how many times the pool sticks were dropped. It was so loud it sounded like a gun being fired, sometimes you would actually jump at the sound.

Making some bracelets and other various crafts.

This was their room for the week. One night we had to separate them because they would not stop talking and giggling.

Sunday we were able to meet up with our friend Christy and meet her little boy Jesse. We attempted to get a picture.

Jesse is 19 months old and just adorable. After church he was toddling around and walked right into the glass door, thinking he could just go outside. He was fine and it was so funny!

Ethan made Christy a bracelet. Derek worked with Christy when Ethan was a newborn for a couple of years. Christy was single at the time and was Ethan's first girlfriend. He used to bring her flowers and all kinds of little things to the office.

Aubrey really wanted to hold Jesse, but he was ready for a nap instead.

We took the kids horseback riding for the first time and they loved it.

All the kids in their hats ready for the ride.

Aubrey ready to get on her horse.

Aubrey on Alabama. The guide attached a rope to her horse and led him so that Aubrey did not have to do anything but hold on. She was all smiles!

This video is so funny of the horse next to Ethan while he was getting on his horse. We thought for sure that would be the horse Derek got, but nobody in our group rode him.

Ethan on Sweetheart. He controlled her all on his own and did a super job. He even pulled her up from eating grass a few times.

Derek on Georgia. He always seems to get the horse that does not want to behave and he did not disappoint this time. Melody and I were laughing most of the trip because Derek's horse kept going the wrong way or snacking. His horse loved to eat!
I could not get this picture to rotate since it was off a disk, but I liked it anyway.

We had a coupon for free black light putt putt, but of course they had you wait for about 10 minutes before your turn to play. Thanks to Nana, the kids got some tokens to use while we waited. The kids really had a good time.

Caleb hit the jackpot right away with I think 250 or more tickets.

The girls playing golf. It was really neat, I have never played black light golf before.

Nana even joined in on the fun

Aubrey got pretty good at actually hitting the ball instead of just pushing it along.
The crazy boys on the mountain...don't think they were probably supposed to be up there.

You can not tell by the pictures, but the white we were wearing would glow. Of course, Aubrey hardly had any white on and was a little bummed that she did not light up as much as other people.
After golf we had a few more tokens to use up and Aubrey also hit the jackpot on one of the games and got 250 tickets. They just kept on coming out!

After horseback riding, lunch at the Apple Barn and golf, we headed up to Cades Cove. Derek and I had been before and really enjoyed it. However, we did not remember it took so long to get there. Due to that fact, we did not fill up on gas when we had the opportunity. Once you enter into Cades Cove, it is an 11 mile loop that you slowly drive around and can get out at different points of interest. Thankfully, we made it through and the gas light did not come on until we were able to get to a station. That could have been interesting.
Aubrey fell asleep in the car and she does not wake up very pleasantly. She is having a tough time waking up and I am trying to cheer her up. After much crying and some stern talking, she finally was happy again and enjoyed herself.

Ethan and Caleb

We were able to see two bears and several deer on our trip. That black blob up in the tree was indeed a bear.

Derek and Ethan walking through an old cemetary.

Ethan preaching in an old church

Aubrey by an old stove

This was the mill in the town. We enjoyed ourselves, but boy was it a long day. We did not get back to the house until about 9:30 that night.

We took the kids another first adventure - white water rafting.

This was the part of our journey when it was not raining. It did get awfully cold while the rain was pouring down on us, but despite that we had a great time.

Our guide looks scarry in these pictures, but I promise he was very nice.

During certain parts the kids could get out and swim in the water. Well, I guess the adults could too, but we chose to stay in the boat. It was difficult enough pulling the little ones back in, it would have been real interesting trying to pull an adult back into the boat.

This was our packed little bus that we rode back to where we started after making our way down the river.

One evening we roasted marshmallows and enjoyed smores.

Papa helping with the fire

She looks like she is not enjoying it, but she did.

The mornig before our rafting trip I put pink streaks in the girls hair. I suggested that maybe they would want to do mine and Melody's later that evening. This lead to probably the most laughs of our trip. All I can say is the things you do for your kids!

Melody and I were victims of the girls hair salon. You can not see the bowls well, but they had cereal bowls filled with water that they were trying to dip our hair into. Not the most comfortable position. At one point Aubrey look the washcloth and rung out water on the top of my head, flinging water everywhere. Oh, the laughs we had!

Towel drying my hair - my whole head it would appear. This little girl absoulutley loved doing this!
Brushing my hair

The hair dryer made an appearance
And now the pink streaks begin!
Ethan would keep coming up and checking on us. He was trying to act like he did not want to be part of the beauty parlor, but secretly he enjoyed it as much as the rest of us.

They even served water to us at the beauty shop

The final product. I had these huge streaks all through my hair. There was definitely a shower before bed.

Papa making homemade ice cream

This was my wonderful creation
The kids all enoying some ice cream
We had a great time! Derek and I joined the church pastors and wives, along with the Elders and their wives for a retreat at The Cove in Asheville on Wednesday. The kids stayed back and had a lot more fun. We met Nana and Papa in Asheville and got the kids back and made our way back to Florida. Summer is now officially over as school starts up on Monday.