Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of VBS. It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end. We had 31 children accept Christ this year and let me tell you there is nothing sweeter in this world than leading a child to Christ. I had the privilege of leading a few and so did many of our amazing teachers. Yesterday I sent out the follow up letters to the parents of the kids who were saved and that closed out the duties of VBS for me this year. Ethan had his friend Jordan from school come with us each day and he really enjoyed having him there.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

We woke up on Sunday and made cinnamon rolls for Derek and gave him his cards and presents.

Ethan wanted to look just like Daddy and picked out his outfit all on his own. He loves his daddy. Derek is a wonderful father and really does enjoy spending time with the kids. They are blessed to have him as their father.
Ethan wanted to make some medals, so he made some with Derek out of clay. They are really cute and now are hanging in his "office."

VBS is this week so we have been very busy. The first few days are always the most time consuming with new kids still registering. The kids have been troopers being at church so much this week, but it is going well.

You will also notice that Ethan got his hair cut yesterday. Our stylist is doing the music for VBS, so you know it is bad when she tells him he needs to come and see her. Derek took him and got his head buzzed. I am not a big fan of the buzz cut, but he is still cute anyway and then we won't have to get it cut for awhile. It is funny now that Ethan really has an opinion about what he wants, and a buzz cut it was.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hilton Head Day 6

The week has come to a close and has gone by very quickly. We have had a very enjoyable time. Lots of fun in the sun and lots of laughs. Thanks to Kelly for the use of her computer so I could update my blog. We head back home tomorrow and I kick into VBS mode, as it starts on Monday.

Aunt Laura took this picture of Ethan flying his kite today.

Aubrey was so tired that she fell asleep on the beach today.

Ethan and Daddy playing in the pool.

All the fun caught up with Ethan too and he fell asleep this afternoon as well.

We went up to the lighthouse and it was about 200 degrees going up. The view was nice from the top and there was a spot you could stand and be on a web cam so we called Aunt Kelly (she stayed back at the house) and she could see us. Good times!

Laura, Will and Kelly joined us for dinner tonight at The Crazy Crab. There was a man outside singing and Ethan was showing us his dance moves while we waited.

Uncle Keith went for one last evening dip in the pool and we let Ethan join him. His bathing suits were all packed, so he went in he underwear and named himself "Underwear Boy."

Aunt Kelly and Aunt Laura entertained Aubrey while we packed by playing Hide and go Seek. Here they are hiding for Aunt Kelly. Uncle Will even got into the action and hid with her. The kids sure had a lot of fun playing and being entertained this week. Off to play one more game before we go to bed and close out our week of family fun.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hilton Head Day 5

We had a little rain this morning so we played some games until the rain stopped and we could head out to the beach.

Aubrey was VERY excited to have her picture taken with Aunt Laura with their matching cover ups. You can see the sheer glee in her face.

Some family pictures on the beach. We have battled some sun for sure this week. I am on an antiboidic for a sinus infection from right before we came and it really seemed to do a number on me today in the sun. I will be wearing a t-shirt tomorrow to avoid anymore sun. Aubrey however, has a great tan going - lucky girl!

Derek and Ethan playing with his boogie board.

Daddy was around today so the sandcastle was much bigger and better. Ethan added a movie screen and seats in the middle and decorated with some shells. There was also a drawbridge made out of sticks. My camera decided to act up today, much to my frustration, so I did not get a very good picture. Thankfully, it decided to work properly back at the house. I will not be taking it to the beach tomorrow.

Aubrey wanted Aunt Laura and Uncle Will to build her a sandcastle as tall as her. She was very happy with the final creation.

Playing some more games back at the house this afternoon after some pool time.

Uncle Will's parents were in town for their 40th Anniversary so they came over for dinner tonight. Aubrey warmed up right away and was quite the little charmer tonight playing with Ms. Pam. She gave quite the concert of all her songs and played some Candyland. Here she is showing her all of her princess dolls.

Family shot

Ethan has been wanting a "boy" necklace for some time so tonight we took him shopping and found one.

Tonight we celebrated Laura's birthday at the end of the month with an ice cream cake from Coldstone. We are eating some yummy food. Good thing we are playing hard as well to work it all off!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hilton Head Day 4

Ethan found a dead jellyfish on the beach this morning and it was quite the highlight for him.

Aubrey with her birthday sand cake complete with candles.

Another sand castle by Uncle Keith and Ethan

They stayed to watch it get washed away by the high tide - another highlight for Ethan

Aubrey sunbathing

Daddy arrives!

He brought ring pops with him

Celebrating Father's Day early

Aubrey licking the plate she liked it so much...that is my girl!

We were reminising about Aubrey's first birthday and how she ate her cake then and how it should have given us a clue as to her personality. I found the picture from her first birthday and she has not changed too much.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hilton Head Day 3

Aubrey being a big help to Grandpa by pushing the wagon through the sand

Playing in the water

Building sand castles with Uncle Keith

Relaxing on the beach doing some reading

Ethan taking some time out to do his math- got to keep up with what he learned in Kindergarten over the summer!

Utilizing the cup holder feature on our float. Ethan was very excited to try it out. I blew it up all on my own without an air pump!

Uncle Keith pulling Ethan around

Aubrey's favorite thing to do - Jump In She must do it at least 50 times a day so we all have to take turns.

Aubrey loves Aunt Kelly - they were cuddling together and Aunt Kelly was catching up on all the cool shows on Noggin!