Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday/Strawberry Festival

Friday was my 32nd birthday and we decided to take Ethan out of school for the day and take a day trip to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City. We started the morning out with a few presents. Aubrey gave me some lovely purple flowers, which I have received before! It is the gift that keeps on giving.
Ethan told Derek he saw the Giant Cupcake pan on TV and really wanted to get it for me for my birthday. Derek looked all over town and finally found it at CVS. Ethan was very excited to give it to me. It was very sweet!

Aubrey got a balloon when we arrived at the festival.
It lasted about 30 seconds! The man was very nice and gave her another one which we quickly tied on her wrist.

Ethan does not look to thrilled to be looking at the animals, but he really did enjoy seeing all the cows and pigs.
He really liked the motorcycle show.
You can't go to the Strawberry Festival and not ride in the big strawberry. It was the perfect day for rides because there were not any lines at all. The down side was that there was not a special on tickets so it was expensive. They only got to do a couple of things each.
The sack slide is always a hit. Aubrey let go early and came down before Ethan so she claims she won!

This cake one first prize and I was very impressed!
Ethan chose to get strawberry pizza for dessert.
Just had to take a picture of the deep fried butter sign. Could there be anything more unhealthy?
Ethan was able to go up and get a piece of wood after the lumberjack show and get the performers to sign it. He thought he was hot stuff. Aubrey fell asleep and missed out.

We ended out day at Maggiano's for dinner and had a great day.
Our strawberries from the festival.
We made our own strawberry pizza.
Of course we had to try out the new cupcake pan Ethan got was yummy!

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Melicia said...

What a great birthday! Love all the pics!!! Happy belated birthday!