Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vacation Week

Ethan put together several different Legos he got for Christmas while we were at Nana and Papa's house.
Aunt Joy and I took the kids bowling one afternoon.

We went to Frye's bowling alley and it was like stepping into the 70's. I don't think anything has changed since then. They did not even have automatic scoring. We still had fun though.. and it was cheap.

We went and visited Edie and Grady in Burlington one day.
Ethan wanted to play some with his new football.
Derek had a little helper...she thought she was the coach.

Papa, Derek and I walked them down to the game room across the street from Edie and Grady's. When we were leaving, Aubrey thanked Papa for the tickets and gave him a hug. She knew exactly what to say, "You are the best Papa ever."

I caught the kids watching tv with their hamsters Nana gave them.
We went to the lights at the Speedway after a dinner out to Maggianos. The kids liked the Bojangles tree the best.
Aubrey having a grand time with Swim To Me Puppy!

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