Saturday, December 4, 2010

Penguin Cookies

My first year teaching a did a unit on penguins and liked them a little too much. It turned into a joke between me and Derek. Today he was shopping and found penguin cookies to decorate.
I had been exercising, so Derek was not approved to take a full picture of me:)

Ethan decorating his cookie
Yes, he is sitting on the counter....things that I let slip now that I am back to full time teaching.

Aubrey enjoyed the black icing. Derek said she looks like Kiss. Another thing between us because I hate the way Kiss looks and Derek likes to use that any opportunity he can.
My completed cookie

Derek's cookie was already in his belly, so this is the picture of his cookie!

Aubrey actually liked all the icing colors. I do realize that her hair bow does not match her dress, but she did not wear it out of the house...another battle not worth fighting.

Ethan's cookie
Look, I can eat the icing without any hands!

Aubrey's finished cookie. Derek and I were discussing how the cookies did not really taste all that great. Ethan: "What do they taste like?" Aubrey: "I guess they taste like penguin, since they are penguins." The best part is that she was serious. We all got a good laugh and had a nice little family moment decorating badly tasting penguin cookies!

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