Sunday, October 2, 2011


This picture of Derek and Aubrey makes my heart happy. Yesterday, we went with a group from church to see the movie Courageous. When we bought the tickets, we did not realize that the movie was PG-13 due to some violence. However, it was an excellent movie. I was not sure how much Aubrey got out of it, but she understood the dancing part to the movie. The little girl in the movie asked her daddy to dance with her to her favorite song outside of the bank in the parking lot. The dad said no, and lets just say lived to regret it. Today while we were waiting for Derek to get home from the second service, Aubrey wanted to put on a fancy dress. This is not uncommon for her. She however insisted on having her dance shoes on too. I said no several times because I just knew they would not make it back into the dance bag for class on Thursday. She was persistent and I finally gave in, with her promising me to put them back in her bag. This is one of those moments, I am glad I gave in. Derek arrived home and ate lunch and I saw him walking out of Aubrey's room in his tshirt and tie around his neck. I gave him a puzzled look to which he explained his odd appearance. Aubrey had gotten a tie and dress shoes for him and had them in her room and asked him to dance with her. After seeing the movie, there was no way that Derek could ever say no to his little princess. I am pretty sure he would have danced with her in the bank parking lot if she had asked. It was a sweet and wonderful moment and of course I made them recreate it so I could capture it forever on camera.

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