Saturday, November 5, 2011


We had our annual trip to the Volusia County Fair. Ethan was allowed to bring his friend Gage this year so he would not be the only boy. It rained some and we got a little wet, but we still had a good time.

We started out with the World Famous Frisbee Dog Show, and it was actually pretty good.

The fun house is always a hit and running through the spinning barrel at the end.

Waiting in line for the Starship 4000, the favorite ride of last year.

They liked it again!

Bumper cars!

Anxiously awaiting the beloved red velvet funnel cake from last year!

Gage is not so sure about this red velvet funnel cake we keep talking about.

He quickly became a fan!

Ethan and his buddy Gage.

Aubrey being crazy on the Crazy Bus.

Not everyday you turn around and see a Llama behind you.

Aubrey HATED the dragon roller coaster.

Aubrey's favorite ride this year...the Tornado. She had to ride this at least 10 times.
She is showing me "Wow," something she learned at school. She holds up 3 fingers for the W's and her mouth is the O.

Aubrey was afraid of the moving barrel last year and would not do it. The first time through, the man had to stop it for her to go through. The second time, she thought about it and

decided she would go through with Caitlin.

A good time was had by all!

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