Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is a really long post about our Halloween activities.

We went to a fall festival in town, the bounce house is still a hit.

Aubrey with her little ghost, but it was windy and her hair brushed against it and sort of messed it up.

Ethan's spider

Fishing for pumpkins

hay ride

Let the pumpkin carving begin....this only lasted for a few minutes and everyone left me to do the work....happens every year.

Ethan does not like the guts

Love this one of her

Aubrey did enjoy making the dots for her daisy design and did a good job with it.

Ethan's Captain Crunch pumpkin...he saw it on the back of the cereal box

Aubrey is a ghost

Aubrey's daisy pumpkin, however it rotten very quickly and had to be thrown out the next night.

Aubrey chose to be a bee this year and I ordered this cute little basket off of ebay.

I did not look at it close enough, because it came with Georgia on the back of it.

I fixed it with sewing on a black felt patch. I could never find any yellow felt to match, but it was much better.

Aubrey's costume all ready for her to wear to school, she even has matching underwear compliments of Gymboree.

Ethan was Dwight Howard this year. Ready for school!

I dressed up too this year as a cupcake. There is a long story to go along with the costume, but I will leave it at I had to use a bike tire to make the costume look right.

My class made fake blood to celebrate Halloween, it was a hit.

The book to go along with my costume, that was the requirement to wear a costume to school for the day.

Trunk or Treat at church. Aubrey with our friend Brady.

Our trunk

I let Ethan walk around with friends this year, but I still snuck a picture.

This was Aubrey's favorite trunk.

More face painting

The loot! I told Ethan in the future to throw out his candy wrappers out after he eats the candy so I do not know how many pieces he ate. He put the wrappers back in his bucket. He told me he did not know where the trash was and he did not want to litter! We had a very busy, but fun Halloween.

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Chrystal said...

I LOVE the costumes!!! Did you make the cupcake?? You're way too creative!!