Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aubrey's Special Friend

So I mentioned previously that Aubrey has a little boy who she is buddies with at school and how he was going to send her a picture in the mail. Today was a teacher work day, but the pre-k could still come if they chose. As it would happen, Aubrey and Luke were the only two there. I talked to her teacher and she allowed Luke to draw a picture for Aubrey and she snuck it to me later in the day. Ethan then put it in our mailbox. Aubrey checking out the back first...nothing.
Let's check out the front

Happy day! A picture from Luke.

Her teacher took this cute picture of them on the playground today as well. They were looking at the flowers. Aubrey is just cuddling right up to him:) On a side note, she did not have to wear her uniform that day and when we walked into class Luke was already there and his eyes just lit up when he saw Aubrey.

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