Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break

Today was the first day of Spring Break and we are taking it easy. We ventured out to a new park. It was sort of small and a little wet from the rain.

We went over to another park that was not as wet. The kids had fun playing and I got to do some reading.

We stopped at the gas station to get Icees before eating lunch with Derek at church. Ethan really likes the coconut flavored one at the RaceTrack. The last two times we have stopped, that particular one was not working. If the consistency is not correct, the red light it on and it needs to be mixed up before you can use it. Ethan was excited that his flavor was working today! My favorite flavor however, was not working. You can't win them all.
Ethan has been playing some Wii and relaxing around the house.
Aubrey has watched lots of TV in our bed (this is a treat for her) and been playing in her room. She loves to put on her fancy dresses and can destroy her room in no time. We are going to Disney tomorrow, so we wanted to have some down time to relax before the busyness of Disney.

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