Friday, August 19, 2011

My Classroom is Ready

It has been a long week and lots of hard work, but my classroom is finally ready for Open House in the morning. I am in the new building at our school. For four days, the air did not work in my room, so that was fun. I had lots of help and am very thankful for all those who helped me get my room finished.

Baskets waiting for all those supplies the kids will bring in.

The desks are really nice, but they are big and it was quite a challenge to make the most use of the space. So thankful that Derek took the day off to help me figure this out on Thursday.

We did not have any cubbies in the new building, so I stole them from the kids rooms at home. These cubbies have had many homes. They started out in the bonus room of our first house in NC and ran along one whole wall of our bonus room. There were several other pieces with it and now they are all scattered to different places.

Behavior chart

The shrinky dink lunch choices are my favorite part of the room! My assistant did a great job on the picture of me too on the Spotlight piece on the door.

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Chrystal said...

WOW!! That is truly impressive!! Your room looks awesome . . and you did it in only 4 days?!? I didn't know that you were going to teach full time this year. How exciting. :)