Monday, October 12, 2009

Laundry Helper

This morning we get getting some things done around the house and Aubrey was really excited to help with her laundry. She put each piece into the washer and closed the lid. Could I have done this a lot faster by myself...of course. I was glad that I slowed down today and let her help me. We are starting a new chore list for the kids this week. Aubrey had to keep her room picked up and her toys from around the house. She can trash her room with the best of them, so this will be plenty for her to handle. Ethan has a few more responsibilities. They include making his bed, feeding Bruster and taking him potty, checking for lights off when we leave the house and helping clean up the dishes after dinner. If they can do it all week on Friday they get a trip to the Dollar Store for a prize. We will see how it goes!


Rebekah said...

I tried that with my girls. It lasted about 2 weeks and then I got, "I don't want a dollar". It was pretty funny.

Heather said...

Aubrey has already been trying that. She does not want a prize on Friday, she would rather have a messy room. We will see how it goes!