Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aubrey's First Field Trip

Aubrey had her first field trip today to the fire station. Riding on the bus was one of the highlights. The moms were allowed to ride on the bus and you can see that Aubrey did not want me to sit with her. She wanted to sit with her friend Ava instead!
Standing in line waiting to go into the station. They are still in the learning stages of waiting in a line!
Learning all about the trucks. Ms. Deb, their teacher, told them to pick a buddy and hold their hand. You can't really tell from this picture, but Aubrey is holding Ava's hand.
They all got fire hats. Notice that Aubrey is still holding Ava's hand.
Aubrey was a little afraid of the fireman all dressed up. I was trying to talk her into going up and touching him. This was as close as she would get.
When he took off his jacket to show them he was just a regular guy under it - she decided it was okay to touch the jacket.
Walking through the truck
Once again, holding Ava's hand. Poor Ava - Aubrey took her teachers instructions very literally and there were very few moments of the trip where Aubrey was not holding her hand. When she was not holding it, she became very concerned about finding Ava and holding her hand. I believe this was the highlight of the trip for Aubrey.
Group picture
This one cracks me up! The fireman is trying to talk to her and she is just looking at him like he is crazy. Ava also got a free moment from holding Aubrey's hand!

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Jill said...

i love kids! Aubrey is so funny, i love the last picture of her looking at the firefighter!!