Friday, October 30, 2009

Student Of The Month

Ethan had his Student of the Month ceremony this morning. He took it very seriously and I could not get him to smile.
This is what his teacher wrote about him - "I can think of no student in my class who demonstrates the attribute of respect quite like Ethan Overton. He is constantly demonstrating his respect for himself, his teachers, his classmates, and school property. Every day and in every way, Ethan shows that he cares about himself and others and strives to make all feel included, and he takes pride in taking care of our classroom and materials. Throughout Kindergarten and the first quarter of 1st grade, Ethan had never once had to move his clip down, which shows that he is constantly demonstrating respect for those around him. It is a joy and privilege to have Ethan in my class."
That is more like it- we are so proud of you!

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