Sunday, January 3, 2010

Discovery Place

One afternoon Papa, Derek, Ethan and I went to Discovery Place. There was a shipwreck exhibit that we thought Ethan would like because he has been fascinated with the Titanic ever since we read a Magic Tree House book about it. Nana and Aubrey stayed home because we were not sure if it would hold her interest and that was the right decision.

They had a lot of items displayed that came from shipwrecks, specifically the S.S. Republic. We watched a short video on the recovery of some of the items and Ethan liked finding ones that he had seen in the video.
Listening to the Titanic story

There was another section open that had really cool things to do. Here Ethan is laying on a bed of nails.

He really enjoyed these flat building blocks.
Trying to suspend a ball in the air by pedaling a bike.
Ethan and Papa in a Hurricane booth. The winds got up to almost 80 miles per hour.

Here is the video of them. I filmed it sideways, thinking I could flip it like I can with my camera and obviously that is not the case!
Ethan driving a ship through strong winds.

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