Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break

We traveled up to Concord for Ethan's spring break from school. I was able to visit with my friend Leslie from high school and meet her new baby Tyler. I left the kids with Nana and Papa and enjoyed uninterrupted time holding this little guy.
I had made this basket up for Leslie before she had Tyler. I stole the idea from Sandy Peters from church. She did something similar for a shower and I thought it was the neatest idea. You collect bibs after they go on sale for all the major holidays and it turns out really cute.
Aubrey exercising on Wii Active. It was really cute!

Ethan wanted to play a lot of school while on break. Interesting how that works. Nana and Papa were the lucky students. I must say that now that he is in first grade, playing school is much more exciting, as he gives us better things to do.

We had beautiful weather and took advantage of the park close to the house.

Aubrey opening yet more birthday presents - this time from Aunt Joy. This is the birthday that keeps on going! She loves it!
Bruster enjoying some dog ice cream.
Ethan wearing his pizza shirt while eating pizza! He loves pizza and would eat if for every meal if we would let him.
Grandma and Grandpa had seen these and thought the kids would like to do it so they sent the money for it in their Easter cards.

Aubrey was not so sure at first, but then she really liked it.

All the walking around the mall since we have retired her stroller had her worn out. The picture is compliments of Ethan
We had coordinating shirts and Aubrey thought that was really cool.
We had a successful shoe shopping trip at the mall - buy one get one half off! Not sure why Ethan looks so unhappy - probably just wants me to put the camera away!
Thanks to the power of commercials, Aubrey knew exactly what Twinkle Toes were and those were the shoes she wanted. She was very excited about them and happy to tell anyone who would listen that she had them. She really wanted Leli Kelly shoes, but those are $70, so she settled for Twinkle Toes!
Some croquet action

Bruster is so silly, he liked to sun himself on this table on the porch.
Opening some Easter presents from Nana and Papa.
That was the end of our time in Concord and we headed back to Florida in time for our 5 Easter services. Derek and I were able to enjoy dinner out with our good friends Bill and Rhonda and saw Jersey Boys. The music was excellent, but for as good as the music was, the language was horrible. Good show if you could ignore the language and we enjoyed a rare night out.

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