Friday, April 30, 2010

Apple Seeds

Aubrey was eating an apple the other day and got down to the core with the seeds and had all kinds of questions. This led to keeping the seeds and planting them so that they could grow into a tree.

I love this picture of her holding onto Derek's leg. She looks so content and happy.
Aubrey picked the spot. Right by the road. Ethan is worried about the apples all falling into the road. I told him that it will be a very long time if ever before a tree actually grows.
Putting the seeds into the hole. Aubrey was worried that I would mow over her tree when it starts to grow. I promised her I would be very careful.
Watering them so the tree will grow. It was very sweet and fun to watch. Of course Aubrey had to go and check today to see if her tree was growing yet.
Aubrey's idea of eating a cookie. I guess tiny little pieces make it last longer.
Ethan had a present waiting for him when he came home from school from Aunt Laura and Uncle Will. Of course, Aubrey was right there with him!
The Magic jersey he wanted! He was so excited he actually slept in it last night.
I told Derek that I liked this picture and he showed me how to do some cool effects on it. Now I like it even more!

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