Thursday, April 8, 2010


The kids at church before our 4 services on Sunday morning. Ethan was up really early and went to the sunrise service with Derek. Aubrey and I opted out of that one...maybe next year.
Family shot after all the services are over - it was a great day at Parkview!
We carried on the tradition that started with my Grandma and the kids did their string when we got home. They follow string all over the house to their Easter basket.
Aubrey struggled with winding up the string. I now remember that Grandma used to give us something to wind it around when we were little. I will have to remember that for next year.

Ethan just made his a big blob, but he was able to navigate his course well.

Baskets are found!

Egg hunt outside with eggs that our cousin Cassie had given us.

Aubrey's outfit is lovely! Stickers all over her shirt, a too small Easter hat that kept falling off and dress up Cinderalla shoes...Aunt Judy I know you will get a laugh out of this picture!

Daddy checking to see how many eggs are still out there to find.
We had a busy and great Easter celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. The kids really listened to the pictures and presentation I prepared for the kids services. Paying attention and being interested and asking questions is the highest compliment from children.

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