Saturday, September 11, 2010


Aubrey had her first homework sent home and she did it with Daddy as soon as they got home yesterday she was so excited.
We try to get Ethan's homework done over the weekend so that he only has to work on reading and spelling during the week.

He thinks this pencil is really cool. It is what he always wants to use. It is some sort of strange thing at school with his friends to see how small their pencil can be - strange I know.

While Ethan and I were working on his math worksheets, Aubrey drew a picture. It is a mermaid with a happy jellyfish. I love that she felt the need to share that the jellyfish was happy. This picture made me smile in so many ways that I wanted to share it. It was sweet that she wanted to be by us while we were working. I love the big eyes and the sort of crooked smile (this is because she is chewing). I also really love the little tail on her mermaid. It was a great way to start out our Saturday!

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