Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aubrey's Pre-K Graduation

Our sweet Aubrey graduated from Preschool today. She was one excited little girl. Her teachers did a wonderful job and they have been practicing and getting excited about it for a long time.

Check out her tassel, there is a funny story to go with it. Notice how nice and full it is in this pictures. Well, later on you will notice it is not so full. On Monday, her teacher showed me her hat and it had one sad little string on it. Somebody had been playing with it during the practices and all but one little strand had come off. It was so pitiful looking. Luckily, her teacher had found a few stray strands on the floor and we were able to tie them on. Silly little girl always playing with stuff. You will notice in the videos that she is playing with her necklace too.

Marching in

They sang several songs for us.

Her baby picture on the screen

Getting her diploma, it was sort of hard to get a good shot.

Playing with her necklace while the other students are getting their diplomas.

Hats off!

So proud of our little graduate. She was so excited for today. She woke up early so she could take a shower and I could make her hair look pretty. We even put on her perfume and some clear lip gloss for the occasion.

Pictures with Daddy and Mommy. Ethan was there too, but declined a picture and wanted to go back to class.

Getting a Preschool Graduate pin from Ms. Tiffany. She was so proud of that pin. Later, she changed out of her dress and wanted me to make sure to put her pin back on her.

You can not have a graduation without snacks. Daddy is trying to keep her dress as clean as possible. Aubrey actually did really well, as she in normally pretty messy. She tried really hard not to get blue icing all over her dress.

I had seen these cute little graduation cookies before and just had to make them. Everything is premade, so I thought it would be done super fast. Well, those silly tassels out of fruit roll ups took me forever to do. Oh well, they were really cute!

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