Friday, September 4, 2009


Ever since Ethan and I had so much fun on the tandem bike in Hilton Head this summer, I have been interested in getting one. About a month ago, Barry and Laura told me they saw one at Target. Well, there were three of them and they have been on sale for quite some time. I figured they must not be too popular as none of them have sold. So, I kept looking back to see if they will go more than 30% off. Today was my lucky day - it was 75% off so I got it for $30! One of the managers was checking me out so I asked her if it would go down even lower. She told me that only seasonal items go to 90% off, but other items only go down to 75%. So I was happy with my purchase knowing that it was the best deal I would get.
My bike has a flat back tire, so I called the bike shop and they said they could fix it today if I just brought in the wheel. That led to a fun experience of removing the wheel and then the harder part of putting it back on. Derek was thrilled with my little project today.
I did put the tandem part together almost all by myself though and Ethan and I had a great ride.
Of course Aubrey had to go on a ride before I removed her seat.


davis anderson peters said...

YAY!! What a great find! Funny you got that today, b/c Barry ordered one of the pull behind carts today for Davis. I can't wait till it gets here. We'll have to go riding (we may look like the Beverly Hillbillies w/ all the extras but that's ok).

Heather said...

We will have to go for a ride. I took Ethan on the bike trail today by the fire dept. and we got all kinds of "how cute" comments. Barry said he thinks Aubrey can ride with Davis in the cart..she will love that! Let me know when it comes in.