Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bike -A-Thon

Ethan had a Bike-A-Thon at school on Friday. We found out about it on Wednesday and realized that he needed a new bike because he could not ride the one he had very well. We ended up getting him a smaller bike and he did great. He called up relatives and got some pledges. He had some per lap pledges so he tried really hard. He was slow going, but ended up doing 26 laps! His goal was 25 and when I told him that was the last one, he said he wanted to do one more. The event benefited St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

Parking his bike at school
Waiting for his turn (the sun was in his eyes)

Let the laps begin!Taking a water break.

Mom and Aubrey cheering him on.
Aubrey having fun on his bike. Her favorite thing was to take the bike helmets off the kids bikes who where not riding at the time and Mom had to figure out which bike it came from. She really liked a certain princess one. She also kept trying to get on the Dora bike.After riding 26 laps! Way to go Ethan!!

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