Saturday, May 3, 2008

Last T-Ball Game

Today was Ethan's last T-ball game. He really seemed to enjoy playing. He was not the best player by any means, but he always had a good attitude and to me that is the most important quality. Here are some pictures of our last day on the field.
On the bench in the dugout before the game starts.
Aubrey enjoying a "juicy."
Team huddle
We had an awesome coaching team. They were all so patient and just wonderful with the kids.

Up to bat

I was the team mom and I have to say that I will not miss wearing that jersey. It was too big and actually very hot. I did not wear it one time and Derek pointed out to me that all the other team mom's were wearing theirs. Aubrey sitting in the chair with Conner. They go to our church and they had fun at the games together. Aubrey would never sit in whatever we brought for her, she always wanted what Conner had.

Here is Conner tying to give Aubrey a kiss.
I made cupcakes for the team since it was their last game and they were a big hit. I asked Derek to take a picture while I was passing them out and he did not have Ethan tilt the cupcake so you could see the cute stripping on the top. He told me I could not be too picking. Just trying to get a good picture for the blog! So that is a wrap to T-Ball season. The closing ceremony is next Saturday, but we will be in WV for my brother's graduation.

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