Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just Some Cute Pictures

I was busy this week with my job at church getting ready for two meetings today. The children's curriculum, which I responsible for, was starting a new series so I needed to work on that and get it out to the workers. I am also the VBS Director this year so that is quickly approaching so we had a brainstorming meeting that I needed to prepare for as well. With just getting back in town the beginning of the week and then having a much busier than usually week with church, I did not post as often. So here are some cute pictures that I did take this week, just never got around to posting.Aubrey really wanted to wear her hat to the pool for swim lessons. I thought it was cute her little eye poking out from under the hat. I got them on clearance last summer and am happy they fit.
Aubrey loves to wear her "baby suits". It is a common theme in these pictures. She wakes up asking to put one on.
Ethan usually stocks the drink fridge for us. For some reason he left some out and this is how we found Aubrey on Friday morning.
She put all the rest of them inside and closed the door all by herself. She was very proud.
Saturday the kids were playing in our little blow up pool and I decided to feed them lunch out on their playground. We have been meaning to this this since we got it, but this was the first time we did. They loved it. Bruster also enjoyed eating some of the macaroni and cheese that landed on the ground. Aubrey ended up dumping her plate over the other side ( I just knew that would happen) but luckily she did not have much left and she said she was done.

Ethan got a wooden house to put together for his birthday from Nana and Papa so Derek helped him do that this weekend. They also went to the movie today with Darren to see Speed Racer and had some good bonding time. Pretty soon he is going to have to take Aubrey to see Princess on Ice or something like that.

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