Thursday, May 29, 2008

Princess Aubrey

Aubrey is really into the whole princess thing right now. We pulled out a dress that Gabriella passed down to us and she loved it this time around. She loves to watch the princess movies. She wore this dress almost all day today. We went to the pool today to join for the summer and there were a bunch of old ladies doing water aerobics. They all stopped and gushed over her. She also got a lot of attention when we went to church for a meeting. I took it off for lunch and her nap and Derek came home early so I could make a doctors appointment and when I came home it was back on. I did not get a picture but my favorite was her climbing the ladder to the playground in her dress and rain boots. It was a classic. I am not sure the boots would have really shown in the picture though because the dress is so long. I will try to get a picture next time.
What a little ham.

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