Sunday, May 11, 2008

Uncle Keith's Graduation

Ethan and I went to Huntington, WV for Keith's college graduation. Ethan was extrememly well behaved through all the ceremonies and the fancy dinners. It was a good idea to leave Aubrey with Nana and Papa. On Friday we arrived and Ethan and Uncle Keith did some swimming before his Help program that night. Marshall has a Help program for students who struggle with school and it has been a blessing for Keith. He had a tutor for every class and was given unlimited time on tests. The program was very nice and personal. My mom likes to tell the story about her song for Keith. When he was a baby and she knew he would take some extra special love, there was a long Laura and I would listen to "In His Time." The song says that in His time God makes all things beautiful. Our family makes fun of Mom because she has told all of the us story about 10 times, but there is no doubt that God has given her that song for Keith. When they came to look at Marshall as a place for Keith to attend, the song was playing as they pulled away and Mom knew that was the school for him. Today at church the kids were doing a program for Mother's Day and they sang the song in their program. We all laughted and then Mom cried, but it was again a reminder that God did make Ketih beautiful in His time. Keith has always struggled with school, so graduation from college was especially meaning to him. He is a sweet and very caring person. He loves to spend his time working with the homeless. We are all so very proud of Keith for accomplishing one of his dreams. Anyway, after his Help program and a nice dinner Ethan and Keith had another round in the pool. It was a good thing because on Saturday afternoon someone threw up in it and it was closed so they did not get to swim anymore. Saturday was the big ceremony and many family pictures. For lunch we went to one of Keith's favorite places, Hillbilly Hot Dogs. It was featured on the Food Network and Keith was in the program. It is a fun and crazy place and they have all kinds of hot dogs. After lunch we all went to Keith's apartment and had a little birthday party for Ethan and presents for Keith. After some time at the park we headed out to dinner. We enjoyed out time with the family and fly back to Charlotte this afternoon. Sorry for the long post.

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