Sunday, May 11, 2008

Birthday Party with Nana and Papa

All of his prizes from the tickets
A thank you hug for Nana and Papa

Aubrey chose to eat out of the carton instead of what was on her plate - smart girl!

Aubrey loves shoes - here she is wearing Nana's. I love the laughing.

Ethan's $6.50 shoes from Children's Place
Aubrey loved the big slide, but could not quite climb up. We figured out that if we sat in the middle we could help her up. Here Aunt Joy is on duty.

We made to into Concord around lunch time on Wednesday. I spent some time shopping. Children's Place had a great deal on shoes for Ethan. We went to Chuck E. Cheese that night for Ethan's birthday. We went back to the house for cake and ice cream and presents. I am using Keith's computer and can not figure out how to move the pictures around so they are a little out of order.

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