Monday, February 1, 2010

Aubrey Making Cookies

I found these cookies a couple of weeks ago and knew they would be perfect for Aubrey because she does not like chocolate chip cookies, only sprinkle cookies. Today we got around to making them.
Pouring in the mix- surprisingly it all made it into the bowl
She dumped in the butter and I assisted with the egg and she stirred away. We did get some out on the counter, but I was able to salvage it. The stirring was a little too hard for her so I helped out.
Licking the spoon is always a highlight.
The cookie scoop was a little too hard for her to work, so I made the balls and she placed them on the cookie sheet.

Cookies are cooled and it is time to frost them.
I caught her patting the frosting down with her finger.....
She said she would have to lick it off since it got on her finger. So that was her plan all along. She washed her hands many times during this process as I was trying to teach her that we can not put our germ bugs (what they call them at preschool) into the cookies.
She was very precise at putting on the sprinkles.
I love this picture - it says it all! Eating the finished product is the best part. I was so glad I took the time today to make these with her. Would it have been faster and easier to just make them myself? Of course, but I would of missed out on Aubrey telling me how much fun she was having and how she told her friends (who I later found out were her dolls) that she was going to be making cookies with me. It was time well spent!

On a side story, notice the cute headband in her hair. We got this at Children's Place yesterday. Derek actually found it and liked it because she has very few hair accessories that will go with anything. Most of them are outfit specific (I have a Gymboree hair accessory addiction!) and they were a good price- 2 for $5. Derek had a coupon for a Yankee candle (that is his addiction) and Aubrey had fallen asleep on the way to Daytona, so I was going to stay in the car with her. She woke up just after Derek and Ethan walked away and said she wanted to go look at some dresses. Derek had locked us in the car and I hit the lock button instead of unlock on the door and it set off the car alarm. Of course I did not have any keys to shut it off, so Aubrey and I quickly got out of the car and made our way into the mall. The alarm did shut off just as we were entering the mall. Anyway, Aubrey had just woken up and complained the whole 30 minutes or so that we were in the mall that she was tired and did not want to be there. Children's Place was the last store we were in and she found the headband and picked out the dress she wants to wear for Easter (I will buy it later with a coupon). After I paid for her hair accessories, she looks at me and says I just love shopping! Now, this is the same girl who had just been complaining non stop for 30 minutes! Sure, now that I bought her something she was happy! She proudly carried her little bag and held my hand as we made our way out of the mall and to the car.

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