Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trip To Michigan

We went up to Michigan last Thursday for my Grandmother's funeral. The hotel had a pool and Aubrey was very excited about her new float. She even told a random lady all about it on the parking shuttle at the airport. She stated her name was Aubrey Elizabeth Overton and she was going to a hotel to swim. She got a new float that was pink and yellow because Ethan's old float got spots on it (mold) and we had to throw it out. Aubrey is not a shy one. She also pointed to a girl at the airport standing by us with holes all in her jeans (right by her bottom too I might add) and asked VERY loudly "Look she has holes all in her jeans!" It was slightly embarrassing and I asked her to be quiet, but if you go out in public like that you are subjecting yourself to comments from little girls. Anyway, we enjoyed some swimming at the hotel on Friday morning before visitation.

It was a challenge to get her to jump in. Ethan did it a couple of times with her and held her hand an basically pulled her in.

Uncle Keith spent some time playing in the pool. He was lots of fun, until he jumped in with one of the kids and ripped part of his toenail off. That was the end of his swimming adventure.
We had visitation on Friday and I was able to see a lot of relatives that I had not seen in a long time. Derek and the kids found a Chuck E Cheese to occupy them for a little bit. The kids were really as good as could be expected and Derek was a huge help as he entertained them and attended to their many needs.
Here are some of my favorite moments:
*Ethan asking why they cut off Great Grandma's legs when he saw her.
*People mentioning that Keith was Grandma's favorite - did not care about the rest of us kids, just wanted to meet Keith. It was really funny and poor twin Kelly got the worst of it!
*One of Grandma's friends stating that they came to plan their funnerals together and she was happy Grandma got the casket she wanted.
*Another of her friends turned towards her and stated, "You sure have gained a lot of weight"
*Listening to the Rosary with my sisters and trying to figure out what was being said. You would think after 50 times we could have picked up on "fruit of the womb," but all we could make out was "fruit of the loom" and we knew that was not right. We got a good laugh out of that.
*I was doing one of the readings in the service and my mother had given me a Xerox copy of it the night before. I asked her if I was supposed to read out of my Bible and said it would be in the order of service. I thought the paper was just for me to be familar with the reading so I did not bring it with me. The funeral starts and I look down the row and notice my cousin has his reading in his hand. We panic for a minute as we reallize there is no Bible or order of service in the pews. I slip out and walk across the chruch to my Mom's cousin (who attends the church) and tell her my dilema. She tells me not to worry she will take care of it. I watch her slip behind the alter and talk to a lady sitting there and I get a thumbs up. As I walk up for my reading, the lady hands me her order of service book and all is saved. If you are ever asked to do a scripture reading at a Catholic service- take your reading with you!
At lunch after the funeral.

Ethan ate this whole pizza all by himself.
This is my Mom's side of the family. We are all spread out in many different states and do not get to see each other very often so it was nice to all get together.
We went out to Great Grandma at the Lake's house and spent some time out there before we came back to Florida. Aubrey playing with her magnetic Barbies with Aunt Laura.
Ready to go play in the snow. She wanted me to make her a scarf to match her mittens, but the mittens did not last long because they got all wet. So much for matching!

Shoveling a track for Adam's car on the frozen lake.

Aunt Kelly braiding her hair.
Watching Barbie and The Three Muskateers with Great Grandma. That was what she gave Aubrey for her Birthday. Notice all the dolls to go with the movie on the couch.
Ethan loved cross country skiing. He did it at least 4 different times. Derek, the kids and Uncle Keith even walked across the whole lake. They played Scooby Doo and looked for clues and the kids were Scooby and Scrappy. Aubrey did get carried some on the way back.

Derek's first time trying out the skis.

We had a house full on Sunday and the kids had fun playing with little Cameron and the blocks.
Ethan showing Harold how good he has gotten at reading.

Harold playing blocks with Aubrey.
An exciting game of Candyland. Harold won! There is always a game being played around this family.

My turn to play some blocks with Aubrey.
It snowed about 7 inches Sunday night into Monday mornig so there was more snow to play in.
Ethan helping clean off the car. We had to take the later flight out because the roads were too bad to get to the airport for the earlier flight.

Doing his part in helping with the driveway.

He had 4 cups of hot chocolate that day!
Aubrey made an appearance for a few minutes, but decided it was too cold and would rather play inside.

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