Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snow Cones

I have been subbing in Ethan's class this week. I enjoy it, but have realized that I do not want to got back to teaching full time! I am not working tomorrow and I am really looking forward to a day to catch up on stuff. The school was testing and I took this picture of reading while waiting to go on during the test. He looks so old to me. He got this Magic Tree House book from the library yesterday and has been really excited to read it.

I told the class is they were good I would give them snow cones as a treat. They were so excited! I was a snow cone ice shaver today. I never have made enough for 20 kids at one time.

We got a new flavor, birthday cake, for the occasion and it was a popular one.
Ethan enjoying his snow cone.
A very happy class!


Chrystal said...

You are such a great teacher! Way to bribe the kids! :) By the way, you look great too!!!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

I am all about bribery when it comes to subbing! It makes the job so much easier and I don't have to be as mean when the kids try to test me. The middle school kids love Starbursts for a reward, so I have a whole bag for when I sub for them. It was fun being back in the classroom again, but I am SO NOT ready to go back full time. Subbing is the perfect fit for me