Tuesday, June 10, 2008

50th Anniversary

While we were in Concord we celebrated Nana and Papa's 50th wedding anniversary which is at the end of the month. Derek's sister and her family also came in from Delaware. Nana does not like to be the center of attention so she did not want a party. We honored her wishes and we are sending them on a cruise in October instead. We all went out to the Texas Land and Cattle for lunch after church to celebrate. We did invite their good friends Ed and Diane to join us. They should feel special as they were the only ones we knew would be approved to be their besides family. We had a nice lunch and it was fun to all spend time together. Since we moved to Fl we can not all stay at Nana and Papa's anymore, so Melody had a hotel. I forgot about a pool and did not pack any bathing suits. Good thing that Target was close by and we could pick up some for the kids. Melody was the lucky one to have a suit and be the adult in the pool. They had a good time.
Bruster is on a little vacation in Concord as he is staying with Nana and Papa for two weeks when they come down to help with the kids while I got to church camp. Nana loves Bruster. I think Papa feels about the same as I do about him. We are still in the "like" phase of our relationship.

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