Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ethan's Jungle Trip

Here are some pictures of our weekend.Here is a picture of Ethan playing office. He is very particular and likes to have all his things in place to play. While he was playing with Ms. Linda's granddaughter this morning this is how we found Aubrey.
She was setting up all her little things and playing "office like Ethan." It was adorable. I was exercising and Derek called me to come look. This was worthy of pausing my workout to take a picture. It is cute how Aubrey wants to be like her brother. I know it will frustrate him, but it was really cute this morning.
One day this week while Aubrey was napping Ethan and I worked on some school stuff to get him ready for Kindergarten. He used these cool letters I found to find his first and last name. He knows his first name great so we are working on his last name.
What happens when you go to Walmart with Daddy? You get a prize. Aubrey got this princess book that has the clings to dress the characters. It has all the princesses and really is very neat. I love that she played with it the entire time I was in the shower. Ethan got a snow cone maker.
Ethan loves to be creative and role play and today he was a jungle tour guide. Derek and I both had the joy of being along for the trip. We started out in his room that he had turned into a jungle. Not to worry about the animals though, they were on freeze. They had trapped a little boy earlier. You can see his decked out in his jungle gear.

A wild sea turtle that is nice enough to pet.
He even taped some vine to his wall to create the ambiance.
Then we ventured across the street to our little woods by the canal.
These are the dead palm tree branches that we dump out here and Ethan informed us that they were very good to protect us from tornadoes and hurricanes because they will stop them. It is so neat to be in the mind of a child.
This is the canal covered in plants. We are not sure why because it is not usually.
Lucky for me my fearless leader shot an alligator that was getting too close! We threw some stones into the canal and that was the end of our tour.
This is my new favorite -Cool Whip in a can. Derek brought it home and I love it over strawberries.

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