Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sick Girl

We have a sick little girl today. Last night she did not want to eat dinner and wanted to sit on my lap instead. She did not even want to eat her gummy vitamins which should have been my first clue. Instead, I thought she was just tired so I put her to bed a little early. About a half an hour later she started crying and Derek went in to get her. He quickly informed me that he needed my assistance. She had thrown up ALL over her bed. Strawberry milk was everywhere. I had to wash every part of her bed and get out the carpet cleaner. I have to say that cleaning up throw up in probably the worst part of being a mom. Derek took Aubrey to the shower and even dried her hair. She ended up sleeping on a towel on her floor last night while her bedding was being washed. We had an all day staff event for the church today and she seemed okay this morning so we took her over to Ms. Anne's house as planned. Well, we got out of the car and she threw up all over the driveway. Ms. Anne was generous and let her take yet another shower at her house and we headed on home while Derek went on to the meeting. I am so thankful that my car was spared, because it has been christened several times and the smell just lingers. Anyway, we have been homebound today and Aubrey is enjoying watching TV and drinking Coke on the couch. No more milk for this girl today. I even checked the milk to see if it was bad, but it is fine so it must just be a little stomach bug. I hope it is better tomorrow since we are driving up to Concord for a wedding this weekend.

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Chrystal said...

Poor Aubrey! You guys are definitely doing some travelling lately. I sure hope she's better by then.