Saturday, June 7, 2008

Taste of Charlotte

We were in luck that Taste of Charlotte was going on while we are in town. We have always enjoyed going to this event. It was not our favorite year, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Here are some pictures from our adventure.Aubrey was the life of the party - she was folded in half for most of her nap.
Ethan getting his face painted.
The dog that he chose. He loves to get his face painted. Aubrey was sleeping so she missed out.
There was a kid area with inflatables to play on. We got there right when it started so Ethan basically had them to himself. He was pretending he was a gladiator on the obstacle course.

Bounce House - Aubrey is still sleeping through all this.
Aubrey woke up to play with the toys. She enjoys playing with blocks.
Ethan sliding.
This little worm toy was pretty cool. Aubrey is watching how Ethan is doing it.
Mom and Aubrey watching Ethan
Aubrey riding the fish.
Ethan riding the fish
We got balloons from the balloon man. Aubrey has a flower and Ethan has a sword. Both ended up popping before we left and both kids handled it very well.
Aubrey sleeping on Nana's lap. She is dressed as Snow White, but she should be Sleeping Beauty. Aubrey loves to dress as a princess. We got her this one at Target. She calls it Snow Wipe -too cute!
Aubrey watching Snow White in her costume in her little chair.
Ethan reading to Aubrey her Ariel book. It has one to two words on each page so it is easy to memorize and Ethan thinks he is cool to read to her. She wants it read again and again. I think Ethan read it at least 7 times. What a good big brother!

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