Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Sick Boy

Last night after church Ethan was not feeling well at all. He had a fever and we thought he had pink eye. We think now it may just have been a cold in his eye, but we are watching it close. It was really weird not going to church today. I have to give a shout out to the best children's workers around. I was supposed to host two of the three services today and last night I had to call my other workers and let them know there was a good chance I would not be there. They all were so supportive and willing to to whatever to step up and help. What a blessing to work in ministry with such awesome people! It was really hard to stay home today, but Derek had to be there so that left me to stay home with a sick boy. I used the time to clean out my pantry and three closets. I also made a cake for Ms. Linda. Today is her birthday and she loves to work with yarn. I had seen a picture of a cake that looked like a skein of yarn and I could not wait to make it for her birthday. It was not as round as it should have been, but she liked it anyway.
Yesterday we had a yard sale and we made $200. I was glad to get it out of the way. We did it while Nana and Papa were in town to help. Ethan made a sign for me to use while I was at camp.

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