Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I am so thankful for Derek today. He is a wonderful father and interacts with our children in a wonderful way. He truly enjoys to be around them. I love when he walks in the door from work and both children take off yelling "Daddy's Home" and jump into his arms. I do not think there is anything more precious. Derek has made a lot of sacrifices for our family and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loves us in every possible way. He is amazing and we are blessed and honored to have him in our life. I am making one of his favorites for lunch today and then we are going to have some family time at the pool. Here is a picture of Derek and Ethan playing on Friday. They were handymen and were pretending to fix a chair for me. I also went through some old pictures and found some favorites the kids and their adoring Dad. We love you!!

I also want to wish our fathers a Happy Father's Day. Derek and I are both blessed to have had wonderful fathers growing up and they continue to show love on us and our family all the time. We could not have been blessed with better fathers and we love you both. Have a great day Grandpa and Papa and we are sad we are too far away to share the day with either of you.

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