Saturday, July 12, 2008

If It's Free It's For Me

This post is for my friend Chrystal who loves a good bargain. I have been working a lot at the church this week for VBS and decided to take a break and do something with the kids. A while back, Barry told me that I could have the bounce house from the church if I wanted it - only problem is that there was a large slit in it. I decided to bring it home today and give it a try. After a little sewing and some Gorilla tape we had a bounce house up and running and it did not cost us a thing. Even Bruster wanted in on the action, but we were afraid he would make another hole so we kept shewing him away.
I am heading back to church tonight to teach so I need to look over my script.

You can see my patch job on the slide. I have to admit I was pretty proud of myself. We will see how long it holds up.

1 comment:

Chrystal said...

Super impressive!!! Way to grab a bargain and patch it up! :) That looks like super fun.