Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun At The Lake

Last Wednesday we were heading into Orlando to stay at a resort Derek got for $50 on priceline before flying out to MI on Thursday. We had to make a pit stop at the doctor before leaving because Aubrey had the junk in her eyes that Ethan had, only it was not getting better. I thought ahead and found a pharmacy right by the resort so that we did not have to wait around for a prescription to be filled. It worked out great, by the time we made it to Orlando her eye drops were ready. We had a great time at the resort, so much that the kids did not want to go to the water park as we had originally planned. I love having family time together! On Thursday we checked out and did some shopping and hanging out in Orlando before heading to the airport to catch our evening flight. This is where our fun began! I was going off of our confirmation on my email and thought that our flight left at 7:20. We have learned traveling with kids that it is best not to sit at the gate for a long time waiting for the plane. So, we ate dinner, looked at the toy stores and hit the bathroom before heading to our gate. It was at that moment that I looked at my ticket to check the gate again when I saw the departure time. It was 6:45! It was 6:35. We ran the 5 gates from the bathroom and you guessed it - the plane was gone. Lesson learned- ALWAYS check your ticket! So, we found out the at our luggage was sent on and we could be on standby for the 10:00 flight in the morning. We paid to use the computer at the airport and Derek was able to book another room close by for the night. We decided we would stay over if we could get a room cheaper than the tank of gas home. How sad is it that we were easily able to do that. Anyway, we made it on the flight the next morning and made it to my Grandma's on the 4th. We had a great time. I grew up going to the lake on the weekends and it is always a lot of fun there. The big boat was not working yet (it needed a new part), but we had fun with the jet ski. The kids loved the sandbox. Aubrey did stay up for the fireworks, she was so worn out from all her fun. We had a great fireworks show right on the lake. My cousins did a show for us of their own while we were waiting. Ethan loved to play with all the "big kids" and they were so patient to include him and play along with him. There were so many other people to entertain him that he really did not even want to play much with us. I guess he can have us all the time. That evening Aubrey was not sleeping well. She was very restless and could not seem to get comfortable. There were 14 people sleeping in a 3 bedroom house, so that meant there were people sleeping everywhere. I was trying my best to keep her quiet. I rocked her in the bedroom for about an hour and that still did not work. At one point I put a towel on me because I was sure she was going to throw up, thinking that was what was wrong. Finally, she sat up and told me her ear hurt. We ended up in the family room sleeping in the recliner for about 3 hours and amazingly did not wake anyone up. Long story short on Saturday Derek and I were waiting in the Urgent Care with her. Indeed, both ears were infected. The good news was that once she got the medicine in her she was feeling much better and back in the sandbox. It was so cute, when the doctor came in she told him right away that her ear hurt. It is so nice that she can express herself now. The doctor was obviously not good with kids because he did not comment at all. Who can resist a cute 2 year old telling them that her ear hurts. He was interested, but that will have to wait for another post.
You can tell by all the pictures that we had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone. The kids and I are heading back up in August for another visit.
We got back last Monday night and we have been hitting it hard since. VBS is next week so I am swamped with things to do to get ready for it, as I am the director this year

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